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california news

03/19/13 Final Prop.8 brief filed before oral arguments
02/21/13 Challengers to prop. 8 file briefs to Supreme Court
01/23/13 ProtectMarriage.com files opening brief defending Prop.8
12/18/12 Small prop.8 and DOMA update
12/07/12 Prop.8 and DOMA to be considered by the U.S. Supreme Court
11/07/12 2012 election results
07/31/12 Prop.8 formally appeals to U.S. Supreme Court
06/13/12 Useful mp3 on current ADF marriage cases
06/05/12 Ninth Circuit refuses to rehear prop.8 case
02/07/12 Prop.8 is ruled unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit
12/10/11 Ninth Circuit hears oral arguments in Prop.8 trial
11/17/11 California Supreme Court issues opinion in Prop.8 defense case
09/20/11 James Ware Orders Prop.8 Tapes to be Released
09/13/11 California Supreme Court hears Prop. 8 defenders
06/20/11 Judge says Vaughn Walker was not biased in his ruling

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