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misc news

12/4/18 8:38pm List of states with laws against female genital mutilation
8/20/18 6:27pm Colorado Civil Rights Commission thumbs its nose at U.S. Supreme Court
5/19/18 5:25pm High School class teaches how to view porn responsibly - update
3/31/18 9:40pm National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra
11/28/17 7:42pm Net Neutrality: an interview with Ajit Pai
10/25/17 2:25pm 4th Circuit rules that Peace Cross amounts to state sponsorship of religion
7/12/17 8:31pm Wisconsin Right to Work law upheld
6/27/17 11:59am Judge in Gosnell case sues to have Gosnell movie stopped
1/3/17 10:36pm Iowa Wind energy usage in 2016
8/24/16 6:54am U.S. Appeals court stays U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman's ruling
4/8/16 9:19pm Dane county judge rules Right to Work law is unconstitutional
1/28/16 9:44pm 10th state defunds planned parenthood
11/4/15 12:03am Houston's bathroom bill is defeated
10/29/15 10:40pm Judge blocks defunding of planned parenthood in Alabama
8/18/15 6:08pm A constitutional right to lie?

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