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2/10/15 U.S. Supreme Court refuses stay in Alabama marriage ruling
11/6/14 The 6th circuit reinstates marriage amendments
11/6/14 Judge overturns Missouri marriage amendment
9/22/14 Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds Act 10
7/31/14 Appling v. Walker concludes
7/28/14 4th Circuit invalidates Virginia marriage amendment
6/17/14 Marriage cases in circuit court
2/12/14 federal judge invalidates kentucky marriage amendment
2/4/14 Utah files brief in marriage amendment defense to 10th circuit
8/22/13 Elane's photography ordered to compromise their faith
8/20/13 The coming normalization of pedophilia?
7/20/13 Ninth Circuit Orders Prop.8 videotapes to remain sealed
7/12/13 ADF petitions California Supreme Court to uphold prop.8
7/12/13 Hot cases to watch part 3
6/29/13 Ninth circuit prematurely allows same sex marriages to resume

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