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misc news

7/20/15 12:16pm Wisconsin outlaws abortions after 20th week
7/3/15 4:39pm Recounts in Wisconsin must be funded by the person requesting it
6/18/15 5:53pm Michigan Governor signs bill allowing adoption agencies act in accordance with their beliefs
5/24/15 8:48pm Iowa wind energy usage in 2014
5/1/15 7:41pm Wisconsin Right To Work law upheld by Dane County judge
5/1/15 7:04pm Teachers union membership in Wisconsin drops
3/6/15 2:16pm U.S. Supreme Court refuses to stop the disclosure of Prop.8 campaign contributors
2/12/15 12:19pm Another peer reviewed article documents outcomes for children in same sex households
2/12/15 11:39am Colorado votes down legalizing assisted suicide
1/24/15 10:31am UK apologizes for discrimination against Christian group
10/14/14 6:48pm How neutral is the ninth circuit in selecting judges?
9/22/14 11:02pm Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds Act 10
6/30/14 12:58pm U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Hobby Lobby
6/23/14 7:36pm Super-abortion bill to watch
5/15/14 6:25pm Iowa wind energy usage in 2013

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