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prop.8 news

06/20/11 Judge says Vaughn Walker was not biased in his ruling
05/05/11 Two Dates Set For Walker Trial
03/23/11 Same Sex Marriage in California still illegal while California Supreme Court deliberates
02/17/11 Prop.8 case delayed for another year
12/09/10 Ninth Circuit hears prop. 8 oral arguments
11/29/10 Ninth Circuit judges have been selected
10/01/10 9th Circuit obliged to look at evidence thrown out by judge Walker
08/16/10 Ninth Circuit Panel Issues Stay of Judge Walker's Ruling
08/13/10 Ninth Circuit puts trial on fast track
08/13/10 Trial dates set in prop.8 case
08/12/10 Judge Walker refuses to stay order
08/11/10 radio spots on the prop.8 ruling
08/05/10 Northern District Judge Walker's Prop. 8 Verdict
06/17/10 Closing arguments in prop.8 trial heard today
05/26/10 Date set for prop. 8 trial

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