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misc news

5/13/14 8:15pm Gosnell movie gets funded
2/21/14 11:55pm What Arizona's SB 1062 really says
2/14/14 4:42pm Russia now prohibits adoption from countries where same sex marriage is legal
1/20/14 11:03am Bureau of Labor and Industries find bakery guilty
12/24/13 12:22pm Iowa wind energy usage in 2012
12/12/13 11:50am India upholds sodomy laws
12/6/13 10:31pm Colorado court rules against Masterpiece Cakeshop
12/4/13 10:25pm Russia's gay propaganda law upheld in court the day after the first fines were issued
11/25/13 11:49am Home schooling continues to grow in the U.S.
11/11/13 3:28am Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear arguments on Act 10 later today
10/10/13 4:32am Gender Identity Disorder
8/26/13 11:36am Texas Supreme Court to decide same sex deivorces
8/22/13 8:58pm Wisconsin v. Illinois: differing strategies to fixing the state buget
8/22/13 8:22pm Elane's photography ordered to compromise their faith
8/20/13 10:18pm The coming normalization of pedophilia?

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