What happens now?

Well, to be honest with myself a lot of the content that I have put into this site really is not at a very high or acceptable quality. The good news is that I see that and it has long been on my todo list. Some of what I need to is work on grammar and to simply develop my skill at writing and articulating myself.

In other news I purchased a scanner/printer today that I am very much looking forward to putting to good use. At some point I would like to start attracting people over to this site to look around and participate in reviews and forums and such, but I am very unconcerned with that at present in fact I would almost prefer that as few people as possible would come by to visit till I am able to develop my abilities.

What if I never get many people to come by and visit my site? Heh, I am so not worried about that. I have so muchfun working on this site. If I had any fear of not getting any degree of visitors I think I would have stopped working on this site a long time ago. I just love what I do so very much. Some of the reason that I talk about these things out loud to myself and to whoever is listening is so that I can continually give myself some idea of where I am going with this site.

Why do I want a scanner? Because I want to strart work on artwork. It will take some time, but I’ve got so much time to work with.