I believe in fate. The thing is that some people seem to make their own fate.

To start out fate is the fact that God is in control of all things and has determined what will happen since before time began and in that sense I believe in fate. I also believe in the illusion of free will in that no one knows what the future holds and so for us who do not know the future there is a degree of free will. Even the idea that there is an illusion of free will must be qualified in that some people know what the future holds and when they will die such as the person who is about to be executed or the person who knows that Everyone dies or has to pay taxes or the person who knows that evil will eventually be destroyed in its entirety, because scripture says so. Even this must be qualified because maybe the death row inmate will receive a last minute pardon or the fact there has been a person or two in the Bible who never did taste death or the person who has never paid taxes and never will.

Ah, exceptions to exceptions to exceptions. Even the fact that some things are true without exceptions like death and sin will eventually be utterly destroyed and there are some that are incapable of believing otherwise like me 🙂

That being said what does it mean that there are those that create their own fate? I have found it to be true that for the student who is distracted from studies via television that he can get rid of television, but he will only find something else to distract himself from his studies. See the thing is that it isn’t the television that was distracting him. It was that he didn’t want to study and was only finding ways to keep himself from his studies if only subconsciously. What he really lacked was self-control. In that sense it was not that circumstances kept presenting themselves in this student’s life to keep him from his studies it was that he didn’t have any self-control.

What I have found is that people tend to make their own luck and fortune. This is not an absolute by any means, but you may notice that the lucky people tend to be lucky no matter what wrench is thrown in their life.