Finally a new review

This feels weird to me too, but I actually wrote a review for the first time in over two months! I will try to keep up the momentum and write reviews around once a week for a while. I want to do this so that I can develop my review writing skill for a while since it is largely nonexistent at present. I like the layout finally. There are screenshots and all of the basic areas seem to be addressed. The layout has a good feel to it even though it could be polished slightly, but only slightly.

The problem now lies in being able to preview the DVD without giving away too much and to be able to describe in detail the content of the DVD and how it makes me feel as well as the quality of each aspect without being too brief. The best part is that all of the menial coding aspects to writing a review and organizing the site have been taken care of so that Now I need only focus on adding content and later on when the need arises I can code more things into the site as needed.

As I learn to write better reviews my reviews will become longer and there will be more substance to the content as well, but it all takes time. I am also in school now and I don’t expect things to really change much as far as how much time I can devote to this site for about 5 years yet. I figure by then I should be graduated and working and have more of a set schedule.