Update for July/August

Well, after much work the search feature is at version 3.7 from 2.x and is finished for the time being. There is more that can be done to improve it, but I have worked on it for some time and it is time to set it aside for a while until it actually needs to be updated. Improvements include:

  1. a more advanced search query. The query was improved upon in version 2.x and again in 3.x.
  2. The search uses a virtual pagination script from dynamic drive that makes it easier to use and the page needs to be loaded only once as opposed to each time you want to see the next 10 results or so.
  3. the entire site can now be searched by default and the user can decide exactly what they want to search such as the anime reviews and memoblog archives only or whatever.
  4. the search is also integrated with the admin page so that I can decide which tables are available for the user to search.

Besides adding a few files here and there I have also begun work on cleaning up the code on the site so as to make it easier to manage and standards compliant. So far I have discovered that IE does not recognize percentages in the case of borders, margins, and padding as far as widths go. I have not tried it out, but soon I want to try out the script src command so as to allow a script to be more standards compliant. Soon I hope to transition from doctype transitional to strict.

I think that about covers it.