August updates part 2

I have been hard at work on the site trying to fix bugs and add improvements. Here are the latest changes:

  1. Transitioned from HTML transitional to HTML strict.
  2. I started a bit of Javascript and added it to the main page. It allows me to highlight text in forms an add tags of my design to them with the click of a button. A very nice feature.
  3. The text formatting file was updated to allow for extra spaces in the CODE sections and several lines were replaced to run faster and decrease processing loads.
  4. The code is now displayed properly when submitted.
  5. The links on the left were incorporated into the admin page to make updating easier.
  6. The main page code was greatly simplified and clarified so that it is now the easiest page to work with. It is still the most advanced, but now the code just looks so crisp and clean and is now standards compliant, which took a while as I remember.
  7. Links were added for the ‘memo’ and ‘what’s new’ archives.
  8. Several bug fixes as well.

That’s it for the second half of August’s updates. Next update comes October 1st or sooner if need be.