Latest Improvements

In my last post I was on site version 4.31.28. As of this post I am on 5.4.7. In this short post I hope to give a brief overview of the changes since my last post.

Early on, after my last post, many of the improvements involved a number of advancements in security. Critical files are now much more difficult to access and logging in at one computer will log me off if I forgot to log off at another computer. There were several other security advancements as well.

The search feature has gone through several recent advancements

  • exact phrases can now be searched
  • terms can be negated
  • some CSS fixes to help the category boxes look nicer
  • category boxes take up less space
  • category boxes are easier to read
  • The biggest improvement is the use of Ajax Pagination which I am quite pleased with.

This also brings this program to a close as there are no other updates planned for it. There was also a big improvement in the MySQL query itself with the use of UNION. This allows me greater control over the queries, both in sorting and limiting results. There were some significant post upgrade fixes, but overall the program is complete.

Added a very useful section “5 most recently updated articles” The Editor has gone through several updates, the script has become plug n’ play friendly, files can be created deleted and renamed. The list of files is now scrollable. I have found that scrollable lists are quite handy. The rest of the updates involve minor bug fixes like hyperlinking urls in articles not working correctly with the dash script or fixing the time on the main page and a lot of the other updates involved bringing the admin pages up to date.

I do not have any other updates or projects planned and hope to simply read a good book or play video games for a while.