Version 6

It really has been a long time since I have blogged here. I’m afraid this one is going to be a rather short and simple summary of what has changed with the website since my last blog post.

First I am writing here because I have just moved on from version 5.x.x to version 6 and will be using build numbers here on out. Last time I posted here I was on version 5.4.7. So what has changed? Well, the complete list of changes can be viewed, as always, in the changelog. There were 7 significant PCRE fixes and upgrades, mostly dealing with the dash script that converts hyphens to dashes within text, but not code. PCRE was also fixed to address the hyperlinking of urls.

A minor time bug was fixed several times and now that I know where it is I should be able to correct any future time problems occur. A time problem is where one page recognizes it as being a certain time and another page as another time. Time is important for displaying the correct Bible Quote at the correct time and for accurately displaying how long it has been since an article was updated.

The security fixes were rather minimal this time around and not very serious. The worst one had to deal with hidden files being visible, but this only occurred for one ip address and even then only the titles of the hidden files, so the security fixes were pretty minimal. Most of the other bugs had to do with the administration configuration page and most of those had to do with website template fixes.

New features to the site were not as many as I thought they would be, but include Tabs, Tags, Templates, and a user control panel.

The Tabs is rather simple and seen only in the administration page. I had so many links and options that I had to find a new way to divide them up. New website options do not come around all that often, but over the last several years I created several website options that I use pretty frequently and thus “need”. To better list them all I installed a tabs program from dynamic drive so as to keep them all on one page and easy to find and manage.

Tags were created as another way to better find and sort articles and memo blog entries. WordPress uses tags, so I figured it would be a pretty hand way to sort and find an article in the ever increasing list of articles. 202 at this point and 828 memo blog entries. The Tags are most visible for news articles and is seen in various places on the site where there was the most use and room to view them.

At present the feature I am most pleased with, possibly because it is the newest, is the user control panel. Users can follow a link on the left of the site to their own control panel page. From here they can register, log in, or log out. When logged in they can select from the list of website themes available. The theme will stay with them whenever they visit the site or they can change to another theme any time they wish. The other option is to be able to create an article to add to the site. Users can then edit or delete their articles as they see fit. New article creation is limited to 5 per day though to prevent spamming. There are a few other security features that have been added to prevent spamming as well, which I would rather not post here.

I had to upgrade the Editor program to address some bugs. The program was largely rewritten to simplify it. It looks nicer and is actually easier to use, but at the cost of some functionality, namely when going to a new directory the file you were looking at will no longer be displayed. I’ll have to work on this file some more at some point.

One more important new feature that I nearly forgot to mention is the use of templates and website themes. I really enjoy the ability to create and save new templates to the website easily. The changes that I make mostly involve changes to the website colors, but I can change many different things about how the site looks and operates and save it as a particular theme. Templates is the ability to utilize premade articles for rapidly creating articles that need to use the same basic format and reuse them over and over, for example when creating a marvel character page or whatever.

I guess that’s it for the changes that have been made. Plans for the future include a few minor bug fixes, but nothing I can really think of as far as new features or major bugs. The user control panel could do with some improvements as it is bare bones at present, but that will happen slowly as the need arises. It is a simple new feature, but pretty handy and fun. A really difficult aspect of the site that I still need to figure out is in what way the purpose of the site should be specialized. That is definitely a long term project though.

I hope that those who come by to visit are able to find the site somewhat useful and have a good time.