Build 16

  • updated the css portion of the site to remove the top and bottom margins of the ul tag.
  • updated the hyphen to dash script to use actual dashes as opposed to the htmlentity version.
  • fixed a redirect for articles.
  • fixed the user login where a user had to sign in twice.
  • updated the registration page to automatically sign users in after successfully logging in.

There were not as many updates to the site this month as I would have guessed, but there were a few anyway. As long as there is at least one update in a month I will post a build update here.

Future updates to the site will be minor at best. The real goal is, and will increasingly be, the refinement of articles. Some of the articles are no more than stubs and others need to be reworded or fleshed out more. There are many good articles on the site, but not enough. This is a good time to put more thought into the future direction of the site.