Build 58

Lots of updates this month!

  1. Website and database both have been backed up and already need to be backed up again.
  2. 16 administration files have been greatly reduced in size (condensed) with an average reduction of about 70% of useless code.
  3. The background color of the smilies was fixed.
  4. 2 database tables were renamed to more understandable names.
  5. about 4 image files were deleted and 4 administration files were deleted (CSS and Coming Soon).
  6. The gallery files were fixed so that the newest file would be shown in Opera.
  7. The gallery files had the length of the rows fixed so that they are now more fluid.
  8. The dash program was updated with new instructions on how to use it. The code was updated for the memo blog and articles and the code for both was synchronized (finally). The “undo” option no longer has any use.
  9. Updated the main page so that WordPress would stop interfering with the memo blog. The WordPress Loop is probably still interfering with the main page in some way.
  10. The forums were updated to hopefully make it easier to post there.
  11. Updated the CSS for the ol and ul tags.
  12. Created another theme for the site.
  13. Fixed a bug in the Main content form page where new articles were not being created. I have reason to believe that this is due in some part to the auto increment attribute being removed from the ID column in the main content table of the database.
  14. The article specific css/javascript was moved so that it now is inserted after the normal CSS/Javascript like before, but still in the head.

Significant changes in the articles include:

  1. expanding the gradient images section in PHP — Image Processing — part 3.
  2. creating a new example in PHP — Image Processing — part 3 that demonstrates adding transparent background images to png images also expanded the section on using custom fonts to include the apparently more common .ttf format.
  3. In the Marvel pages the checklists have been sorted into events and crossovers.
  4. Most recently, javascript — toggle and passing values was created, which is my first real article on javascript! Yay!

For the month of February I hope to:

  1. update the various forms that I use and make sure they are up to date to avoid some bugs like the one I found last night dealing with main content on the main page.
  2. The image locations for the galleries need to be fixed.