Build 65

Very few updates this month as I work on trying to read more. It is a self-control thing. The upgrade to the themes page was rather big though.

  • Fixed a bug with the main page where new articles were not being created and the date was wrong.
  • Added Javascript to the admin theme creator that makes creating themes easier and more enjoyable.
  • The admin theme creator has had the layout refined somewhat moving the color list up to the top of the page and adding a sample code.
  • The ul tags have been updated to remove the top and bottom margins.
  • Added a spam filter mod for the forums.
  • Increased the textarea for article tags and width of article titles.

Notable content additions include an update to the javascript Toggle page and a review on two books dealing with homosexuality from a conservative Christian position.

Future projects planned for the month of March involve minor bug fixes, maintenance, but primarily to increase the amount of reading I do.