build 77

There were not all that many updates planned for this month, but they were completed plus a couple of significant upgrades as well. Basic maintenance involves keeping information and links current and valid. The improvements are listed below.

  • News page has been completely redesigned. It’s very different, more useful, and has a much cleaner layout.
  • Javascript has been added to more pages to make the textarea height more dynamic.
  • Forum security has been updated.
  • Fortified the auto increment scripts to properly address values of “0”. Several minor bug fixes in the files that used the auto increment script as well.
  • Fixed this link.
  • Image paths in the galleries have been fixed.
  • Admin is now recognized when uploading an image.
  • Custom color script has been placed into an include file.
  • Fixed a bug (in the memo blog at least) where the leading newline was being ignored.
  • Placed PCRE into two include files.
  • Fixed minor “date last updated” bug.
  • Meta tags for “keywords” and “description” were removed

Among the updates listed above a big improvement was made to the layout of the news page. In fact the updates for the news page can be subdivided into the following:

  • Completely redesigned the layout for the news page.
  • There are now two news boxes and the News Tags are now listed at the bottom of the page to make searching through news stories faster.
  • Individual news items are being given colored Titles to make visually scanning for the news item of interest faster.
  • The reference material has been moved to a separate page with a link to it listed below the links box located on the right side of the page.
  • There is now a Headlines box where the most recent news item is posted.
  • All non-marriage news items have been consolidated into social issues.
  • Overly long news items are now automatically truncated to 500 characters.
  • News items in the archives now list the titles as opposed to summaries.

Along the way there were many bug fixes to the ones that were introduced during construction, so this is a completed project unless there is something I missed.

The second big project was the upgrade to the auto-increment script I use. This improvement not only dealt with the auto-increment script to address “0” values in the database, but also went through many pages to address NULL values. All of this was done in an effort to deal with the possibility of corrupted data being sent to the database, which might in certain rare circumstances cause the newest value in the database to always have a value of “0” or else continually overwrite the most recently created row in the database, both of which you can imagine are quite problematic even if it happens once a year or so.

There were no significant new or revised articles this month.

Future projects include making the Title tag dynamic and using $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]; for most of the includes. Very minor, but that is all I have planned at the moment.