Build 116

Website updates can be a bit of a distraction along with a few other activities. Until I finish boards the site updates will be somewhat lacking, which is a good thing in my case. Since I do not expect to be doing many more updates this month I am going to post this update a little early this time.

Site updates during May:

  1. Added sample quoted text to the admin themes page. Javascript has not been activated for it yet.
  2. The names of the templates is now sorted by title as opposed to by ID.
  3. Lots of CSS and HTML validation fixes.
  4. Updated Editor from version 1.14 to 1.19.
  5. Fixed the bug where admin css was being saved to the database, but not retrieved from the database for editing.
  6. backed up the flatfiles and database.
  7. Added a title tag for mysql send page.
  8. added a link to the admin page for altering names of article categories.
  9. Integrated a normalized table for the article categories.
  10. Fixed a bug where $_SERVER[‘PATH_INFO’]; may not always be recognized.
  11. now has a title tag.
  12. Removed duplicate article css.
  13. Added page specific css to the admin control panel.
  14. javascript for textarea resizer was fixed.
  15. bug fix in “themes” page to recognize custom colors.
  16. various fixes to the settings of various themes.
  17. placement of example “code” in the theme page was corrected.
  18. the <hr> tag now has the same color as article text.
  19. javascript to modify the css textarea height in the admin page now works.
  20. sample code in the comments section of various articles is now rendered correctly. Sort of. The code still needs to be encased in <code> tags.
  21. Instructions were added to the template page.
  22. bug was fixed with creating new templates where changes made to the template affected only the templates as opposed to creating clones or new articles. I may update the instructions later. I want to think on it first. It is much better than before though.
  23. was fixed.

Significant updates include: normalizing the article categories, several updates to Editor, and lots of bug fixes.

Notable article updates for May include:

Goals for June

  • Study for boards coming this September.