Build 143

Site updates during June:

  1. Fixed a bug in the news section where the number of results for the ‘misc’ section could not be set via admin.
  2. News section now uses normalized tables.
  3. Updated the instructions for the 4 upload forms.
  4. improved the security for the admin theme page.
  5. added javascript for highlighted color and highlighted color 2.
  6. Fixed a bug with the admin theme page where “Save Changes” occasionally only changed the current theme and ignored the stored theme.
  7. Bug fix in the News page where the “social issues” category displayed the wrong results.
  8. Bug fix in the “misc” archives where not all of the results were being retrieved, many were duplicates, and the wrong number of results were retrieved per page.
  9. The color list box in the admin theme page has been condensed to about 40% of its original height.
  10. The color list now scrolls with the rest of the page.
  11. Removed the background color options for memo blog and wordpress on the main page.
  12. The blog image now has optional title tags or hover text that can be added.
  13. Editor was updated from version 1.19 to 1.22.
  14. Added a default value to the theme page.
  15. Fixed several bugs with the article and news tags where articles with unrecognized tags had to be submitted twice, all news items now have titles, news items now have default tags if none is chosen, tags are now properly trimmed of whitespace.
  16. Fixed a bug in the article and news submit files (again) where the files with new tags had to be submitted twice.
  17. Increased the allowable image upload size to 50MB.
  18. article and news items now are given default tag of “aa” if no tags are given.
  19. comments of articles now have a set font color of black.
  20. article comments are now better formatted.
  21. bug fix where hundreds of lines of error messages would be displayed when vieewing an individual news item while not logged in as admin.
  22. Updated the news section to return functionality of quoted text and the unordered list tags.
  23. Moved the page specific css of the news page to the head section of the page with the rest of the css.
  24. Search feature updated to 5.4. This is a minor security update.
  25. CSS for the memo blog items is now displayed when viewing the posts individually.

Notable updates include:

  • Normalization of the news section
  • Admin theme page had several bug fixes. The color panel was redesigned.
  • Editor has gone through several significant updates.
  • A host of bug fixes this month.