Build 165

Site updates during the month of July:

  1. Editor updated from version 1.22 to 1.24.
  2. admin theme page: slimmed down the page.
  3. admin theme page: Saved themes are now located in a drop down menu.
  4. admin theme page: Colors box was docked closer to the top of the page.
  5. admin theme page: Added page specific css.
  6. admin theme page: Dock content script now moves smoother when scrolling up and down.
  7. admin theme page: Fixed a tiny issue where only half of the last colored box was click-able.
  8. admin theme page: Moved the template list under the “style name”.
  9. admin theme page: Moved the sample code under the “CODE” options.
  10. admin theme page: Moved the quote under the sample code.
  11. admin theme page: Removed the word “CODE” from the titles of each code option since it was redundant.
  12. admin theme page: Renamed all instances of the word “template” and “style” with “theme” for consistency and because it sounds more accurate and better.
  13. memo blog form and article form: Renamed “Current Tags” to “Available Tags” as this makes much more sense.
  14. memo blog form: Revised the lower part of the memo blog admin form to be the same as the article form for consistency.
  15. image upload scripts: added upload confirmation to the image upload scripts for overwriting files.
  16. admin theme page: updated the note for installing a theme.
  17. image upload script: if one of the filenames already exists then none of the images will be uploaded unless “Overwrite” is selected.
  18. search feature: updated to 5.5 to fix a bug where an error message would occur if the article table was not selected.
  19. search feature: minor bug fix where the excerpts of the search results may overlap on lower resolutions.
  20. search feature: the number of results per page can be set once again.
  21. Updated phpbb3 to 3.0.9 from 3.0.8.

Significant updates include:

  1. Updating Editor from 1.22 to 1.24.
  2. Admin Theme Page was redesigned for the second time.