Version 7.1 build 24

Site updates made from the last update through June 22, 2012:

  • Memo blog archives page now displays the full date and time written and the summaries were hyperlinked.
  • Date Posted replaces Date Reviewed when viewing main page posts and memo blog posts individually.
  • css for the member control panel login page was cleaned up.
  • “user control panel” and “database headquarters” were both renamed to “member control panel” for consistency and to make more sense.
  • bug fix: text format script was updated to fix a line break issue.
  • bug fix: pcre was updated to correctly render html tables found in articles.
  • security: admin is now able to fully logout.
  • bug fix: members can now edit articles if they are older than one day.
  • security: members are no longer able to edit the date their articles were created or updated.
  • bug fix: members are now able to edit articles if they currently have the max number of articles created in a 24 hour period.
  • improvement: the web master’s member management page now displays the total number of articles each member has written.
  • new feature: members can now create and edit a personalized theme. This theme will not be viewable by other members. The script works, but is in the alpha stage.

Significant updates:

  • personalized themes has been a long time coming and is a welcome addition to the site.
  • serious bug fixes to the member control panel.
  • pcre updates and fixes.