Version 7.1 build 38

Site updates from June 23, 2012 through July 9, 2012:

  • Security update for the member theme page.
  • Corners are now properly generated for member generated themes.
  • Fixed a bug with the member theme page that caused interference with another theme.
  • Fixed a bug that caused members to not be fully logged out after logging out.
  • Cleaned up the look for the member registration page.
  • minor security update for the member registration page.
  • member theme page is now inaccessible when the member is not logged in.
  • Email confirmation for the member registration form was added.
  • News items now have a default title.
  • Removed the redundant text after the submit button in the member theme edit page that described what the button did.
  • Added instructions to the member article form page on how to correctly add tags to an article.
  • Bug fix: removed some code from two javascript files controlling tags for editing articles which was causing the buttons for “color” and “highlighted color” to display the default theme colors instead of the member defined theme colors. It also caused the background images for the smilies to be that of the default theme.

Significant updates:

  • Member theme page is complete.