Version 7.1 build 65

Site updates from July 9 2012 through January 5, 2013

  1. Fixed background colors for smilies on user defined themes.
  2. Fixed the background color for “color” and “highlighted color” on user defined themes.
  3. Fixed a bug in the anime and manga review submit pages where the date last updated was not being properly updated in the database.
  4. Updated the time page to fix a few bugs.
  5. member theme page was fixed where certain settings were not being remembered if the user selected one of the premade themes.
  6. renamed “user edit” to “edit” on pages that were created by the member.
  7. removed the option to edit pages when the author of the page being viewed is not the same as the one viewing the page. The edit link wouldn’t work anyway, so this wasn’t a security issue.
  8. Fixed a bug with the admin theme page where the background colors were not displaying correctly when previewing a theme.
  9. <li> tags are now visible within the main news page columns.
  10. Updated the text format script to remove the line break that was added after quoted text. Quoted text is content displayed with a colored background.
  11. When viewing memo blog posts individually the day, date, and time of the memo blog post is displayed as the title instead of the ID.
  12. Added a script for sorting lists alphabetically.
  13. Updated the calendar script so that the month viewed after saving your work is the same as the month you were working on.
  14. Admin page now has a calendar. It still needs to be refined though.
  15. The date is no longer displayed in the calendar script’s hover info since it is redundant.
  16. Updated the forums to the latest version.
  17. quick edit has been added to the forums.
  18. there’s a new logo image for the forums.
  19. the forum path has been changed from /phpBB3 to /forums.
  20. Formatted CODE is word wrapped.
  21. Added a weather plugin to the admin page.
  22. Minor update where tags unavailable to members were hidden.
  23. Fixed an error message in the member new article form when a new article is being created, but not edited.
  24. Security update to prevent users who are not allowed to create articles from doing so.
  25. added a feature to the article form where the admin and members can choose whether or not to display the first comment when comments have been turned on.
  26. fixed a bug in the admin article form where the displaying comments on an article is turned off if an article is updated that has comments turned on.

Significant updates include:

  1. Calendar for the admin page.
  2. A weather page for the admin page.
  3. Significant refinements to the forums.
  4. Members can choose whether to show the first comment for their articles.
  5. security update for members to prevent posting articles when they are not permitted to.