It’s been a long time since I last posted here. I very well may start blogging more frequently too now that I am a college graduate! Heh, I like how that sounds and I am liking it more and more every minute and day. I suppose it is best to start by thinking back on how I made it here. I remember many times when I thought I would never make it as I moved from trimester to trimester. My first trimester I passed all but one class and then my second trimester I failed all but one class. I seemed to only barely survive from that point on. I remember passing Microbiology by negative 1/3 point. I remember getting two F’s in Freedman’s Neurophysiology class and needing a very high ‘A’ on the Final in order to pass the class. I did get the high ‘A’ though. Many trimesters I had to pass all of my classes or else I would be kicked out of Palmer. I remember Taking PNS and dropping it twice then failing it three times after that then taking it and dropping out of Palmer for a trimester to work and get my head on straight before tackling it again and passing the class with a ‘C’. I remember considering not taking a final exam because I had not been to CVP class in about a month and had no idea what the subject was over at all. I would have been lucky to get a question right. Instead I did study for the 30 minutes that remained before the test and and somehow remembered everything I read and got nearly every question right and ended up passing the class.

I remember going before the board where they decided whether to let me go on contract or take a trimester off. That was a joke, though, because there were two stated reasons for the meeting. The first was for me to plead my case, the second was to get their advice if I was considering taking a trimester off. I told them that was why I was there and all they could think to do was to act as a jury demanding to know why I deserved to go there another trimester? After answering their questions it became abundantly clear that they had not read the letter they sent me even when I recited it to them. They must have been embarrassed. They seemed that way to me and could not respond when I tried to discuss their letter to me about the very purpose of the meeting.

I remember praying many times that if God wanted to kill me before I took this test I would not mind at all. I remember taking my first technique classes and how excited I was to set up on real people and my first moments feeling a subluxation all on my own. I remember staying up all night unable to sleep due to fear before I took my practical. I remember one bout of insomnia where I was totally unable to sleep for an entire week. I could almost cry due to my inability to sleep. I hope to never experience that again.

I remember being infatuated with a girl who also went to Palmer and how horribly that turned out. I still have a lot of painful memories from that. I remember my terror at my first adjustment of a student and also my first adjustment in the main clinic. I remember how that faded and weariness set in as I was adjusting more people than I felt I could handle. I remember some of the wonderful patients I have had and can not remember any that I wish I had never had. I enjoyed them all.

I remember feeling as if I would never ever graduate, like each trimester there was this feeling like the closer I got to graduation the further it really was. Each new trimester graduation felt further away, not closer. I continually called myself the eternal student. I felt like laughing and crying when I heard one teacher tell a high school student to cherish these college years, because in 2 years or maybe even four they would be all over. I blurted out that that wasn’t true, because I had been in college for about 13 years at that point still with no end in sight. I really wanted there to be an end to it all as well. I did not want to be in college forever.

But here I am! College is over forever more! I must thank God who has seen me through to the end of this very long journey that began way back in the Fall of 1994 and has ended here in Fall 2009. I am so grateful to God and do not know how to thank Him except to pray and express my thanks. God has helped me so many impossible tests that I was so very sure that I had failed. I did not think that I would get through Palmer, but always I felt like God would see me through to the end and help me to be a chiropractor. I feel so incredibly relieved to be done with all of my classes at Palmer. It is all over and done with forever. I am a Doctor! I can be referred to as Dr. Joe!

I certainly do not regret my time at Palmer. I believe in the chiropractic philosophy and during all my time at Palmer I have never once thought that maybe it was a mistake to go into chiropractic. I enjoy it and feel it is my calling even though the road has certainly been difficult and stressful.

I want to change direction slightly and discuss the website since my last post.

The last time I posted here in WordPress I had recently finished site version 3.60.43. Since then I have added

  • image generator for the memo blog
  • cleaned up a lot more code, especially in the news I’m watching page
  • added smilies
  • added prev and next buttons for easier navigation
  • updated the dynamic drive photo album script to 2.0
  • I greatly updated and improved the metastuff page and moved most of it over to the config page. The config page has bee greatly redesigned and expanded with a dozen or so new options
  • updated editor from 0.3 to 1.1 so that it is very usable. I even use it more than my other ftp programs.
  • the rounded corners program was a nice addition.
  • screenshots upload program was updated to allow for up to 6 images at once.
  • files are increasingly using a redirect script when a page is uploaded.
  • the anime reviews had all of the images updated with higher quality images and all of the images can be clicked to view the higher quality image.
  • with all of the changes at this point I converted the site to version 4.0.0. Currently the site is on version 4.15.2
  • Started incorporating PCRE to automatically hyperlink urls in my articles.

Notable article updates or additions include:

  • PHP — Image Processing part 3
  • a small section on installing fonts to your website in an ImageMagick article
  • a very small article on Image Formats
  • several updates to the PCRE Example page
  • added a link to free audio converters.
  • an example script that converts hexadecimal to decimal.

I am not sure what the future holds for the website, but it seems I continually find new ways to keep myself entertained. Maybe it is about time to start regular anime reviews and religion articles as I read more, but I have said that many times before, so I figure it is best to wait till that actually happens.

To end this post I’ll say that it looks like a new chapter in my life is about to begin.


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  1. We never doubted for a minute that you would graduate because your trust was in a great God. May He continue to lead and guide you in all your ways as you submit them to His will.

    I’m sorry we missed the graduation … glad to see you are still working on your website. If things don’t work out in chiropractic I’m sure you could do well in computer programming!

    Jeremy says that you may not have to worry about your mountain of school debt because our government seems intent on creating some serious inflation (if not hyper inflation) thus making it easier to repay – assuming there are any paying customers left out here that actually have jobs.

    On that pleasant note hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving


    Congratulations to Dr. Joe from the Hicks family!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my hobby site Tom! It is hard to believe that I have graduated. I am even surprised that I have some skill at adjusting. I had this fear that when I graduated I would feel like I had not learned much, but after adjusting hundreds of patients I feel like maybe I have learned a little bit, which makes me look forward to working as a chiropractor.

    I think that I will continue working on my site for sometime, God willing. I always seem to find new aspects of my site that “need” to be updated or a new program that I just have to get out of my head. I also like to take breaks from that and write reviews of some of my favorite anime.

    Hi Jeremy! I am surprised that you guys still visit my site once in a while. I take that as a very nice compliment 🙂 I hope that school is going well for you as well.

    I had a nice Thanksgiving. I went to a few dinners and got stuffed and convinced to stay a lot later than I was planning, but had a great time.

    later all,

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