Version 7 build 32

To the best of my knowledge version 7 started on 7/18/11. It was at that point that I took some time away from the website to try to avoid what was becoming an addiction for me: web design.

When version 7 came out I felt the website had reached a milestone and nearly every bug I could think of had been fixed and nearly every feature I wanted to add had been installed. Afterwards I went to work on the church website for a long while. From then until now work on the animeviews site has been rather sporadic. This post is the collected updates to the site since the beginning of version 7 until the end of 2011.

The month of December has seen somewhat of an increase in the rate of updates to the site as interest has been returning. If I were to describe the focus of this build I would have to say it would be security upgrades.

Site updates since the start of version 7:


  1. css for the column widths on the news page was updated.
  2. Security: security update for the memo blog images.
  3. added 5 most recently updated news items to the news section.
  4. Security: security update for the admin password and the image upload programs.
  5. Images on the main page were centered horizontally and vertically.
  6. The hr tags on the main page now use classes and given a default color of black.
  7. news item submit page no longer shows momentary code.
  8. Updated Editor to version 1.27 from 1.24.
  9. Updated the Admin Theme page to be able to change the settings of the specially quoted text.
  10. Many lines of junk code and and junk columns in the MySQL theme table was removed.
  11. Security: security update to protect against certain hacking programs that crawl and spider.
  12. fixed the missing css from
  13. Memo blog table was normalized.
  14. Fixed the bug where underlined text was not being displayed properly in the memo blog or the “latest files” entries on the main page.
  15. Security: security update involving cookies.
  16. Security: Moved the website hosting to 4G. This allows for more recent web languages and other languages.
  17. FSecurity: Fixed a recently introduced bug where a person could appear to be logged out while viewing memo blog archives.
  18. Fixed several bugs with the article tags where a certain incorrect tag could be used and duplicate tags could be entered. Using no tags is no longer valid and empty tags are no longer valid. I am counting these all as one bug.
  19. Updated the most recently updated article and news item lists to list items that are newly created and have not been updated yet.
  20. In the list of articles displayed the time since last updated will measure from the date it was created if it has never been updated yet.
  21. Fixed a bug in the article lists where the date last updated was an hour off.
  22. Updated the look of the admin security page and made it a little more practical.
  23. Fixed a bug where underlined text in the news page was not displaying as such.
  24. Fixed the Bible Quote sorting bug where new Bible verses were missing the verse listing, which caused it to be placed before Genesis 1:1.
  25. Search feature updated to version 5.6. Minor bug fix.
  26. Fixed an issue where an admin page did not always retrieve the page specific css styles.
  27. Updated the News page so that the titles are hyperlinked and the titles change to red when hovered over.
  28. Viewing the memo blog archives when no tags have been selected will now display all of the memo blogs instead of none.
  29. User Control Panel was brought back and was rewritten to account for the now normalized article table in the database.
  30. Added a redirect to news.php to news2.php.

Significant updates:

  1. The security for the site has been increased making it much harder to hack the site using any type of brute force attack.
  2. Memo blog table was normalized.
  3. Editor was updated to 1.27 from 1.24.