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Version 7 build 60/Version 7.1 build 0

February 1st, 2012 . by vanderjagt.dc

Version 7.1 primarily involves several months worth of security updates to keep out hackers. There was also the usual host of bug fixes that were discovered only after version 7 of the website came out. Some other loose ends from version 6 that were tied up involve normalizing the memo blog table and news item specific css was added.

You can read some more specifics below as well as in the previous wordpress entry.

Site updates that occurred during the month of January.

  1. Revised the admin Tags page to consolidate all of the article/news/memo blog tags onto one page. Removed redundant fields and cleaned up the CSS for a table that is nicer looking and more practical.
  2. Security: Several files were hidden as another layer of security was added.
  3. Security: Security for the user control panel was updated slightly. Basically, users must enter a password in order to register. If users do not register a password they could still create a profile, but would not be able to log in once they logged out.
  4. Security: Fixed the redirect for users trying to access files that they are not permitted to see to the front page as opposed to the index of the next higher folder.
  5. Admin theme page “Save New Theme” works again.
  6. Security: Minor security update where an instance of the deprecated mysql_escape_string was replaced with mysql_real_escape_string.
  7. Security: Member control panel security update.
  8. Security: Many sql vulnerabilities fixed.
  9. Fixed the articles page where displaying an unknown category would display results from one of the listed categories.
  10. The “no topics exist” message that came up when selecting a made up article category or one that is unused has been removed. This has been present since almost the beginning of the website. It was removed because there is no longer a need for it on this page.
  11. Security: Updated phpbb to the latest version: 1.0.10.
  12. I halved the width of the colors box in the admin theme page.
  13. Forum threads can now only be used once per article. This is done to avoid confusion.
  14. Corrected an error on the article form page where the ID# was referred to as the phpbb ID#.
  15. members can now edit and create articles again.
  16. Removed the lower padding from the ol and ul tags.
  17. Date member last visited works again.
  18. Added the ability for me to edit users theme choice via the admin page if needed.
  19. Security: Fixed a bug where users who choose to log out might not always be entirely logged out.
  20. Members who use a theme that has been deleted will now use the default theme as opposed to a broken theme.
  21. Member form page: fixed a spacing issue where the list of tags was displaced a little to the right about 15px. Added a small amount of space between the content textarea and the tags list.
  22. Member form page: renamed the “current tags” list to “available tags”, which is a more accurate label.
  23. Member form page: Added a javascript option to the available tags list to dynamically change the height of the lists.
  24. When viewing news items and no news item is selected only the list of all available news tags will be displayed.
  25. The error message in the title tag when viewing a news item, article item, etc. when no ID# is listed in the address bar has been fixed.
  26. The trailing comma in the news tags list was removed.
  27. News item specific css was added.
  28. Cleaned up the div class for quoted text.

Significant updates this month include

  1. Significant increase in website security with many vulnerabilities fixed.
  2. News item specific css was added.
  3. Code for Member control panel was largely rewritten.
  4. The Admin Tags page was revised to look nicer and be more practical.

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