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PCRE –– examples 2
written by: admin

Date Written: 2/14/10 Last Updated: 11/7/19

replace content between anchor tags –– example 1


This was really hard to figure out.  This uses the e modifier to use php.  Notice that captured subpatterns are placed within single quotes and is concatenated with a period.  This is the first time I have started using the U modifier.  The U modifier reverses the greediness of the expressions.  ? becomes a maximizer as opposed to a minimizer.  The expressions are now ungreedy by default when this modifier is set.

Note: deprecated.

Replace pattern between anchor tags –– example 2

This is another variation of the example above, but without using \e.  Basically, it will find and replace a pattern found within a pattern.

$text="hi-ll-upu<a href=\"http://www.animev-iews.com/index.php\">yo-me-yo</a>tipsy-me";
echo "$text";


replace pattern found between tags and is not preceded by or followed by a period

example 1

$text = "<strong>34D-23.48</strong>";
$text=preg_replace('/>\s?([\w\-]{1,}\.?)(?=((?!<\/?strong\b|>|\.\s?<).)*<\/strong)/','>stock # $1',$text);
echo "$text";


<strong>34d <strong>
<strong> 34d<strong>

The following fail:

<strong> .34d<strong>
<strong>34d. <strong>

I like this example, because it demonstrates a workaround for using a lookbehind and a lookahead at the same time.  The need for using a lookbehind results when you are looking for a pattern within a pattern, which is more complicated than finding a pattern between a simple match as demonstrated in example 2 below.

example 2

This example is very similar, but is easier to understand.  The only differences is that it requires a period somewhere in the middle as opposed to being optional and is stricter about being within <strong> tags.
$text = "<strong>34D-23.48</strong>";
$text=preg_replace('/>\s?([\w\-]{1,}\.[\w\-]{1,})(?=((?!<\/?strong\b|>|\.\s?<).)*<\/strong)/','>stock # $1',$text);
echo "$text";

Replace pattern that is not between anchor tags

$text="hi-ll-upu<a href=\"http://www.anime-views.com/index.php\">yo-me-yo</a>tipsy-me";
echo "$text";



The dashes that are replaced are not between the anchor tags or within them.

replace hyphens with dashes


This script will replace hyphens with dashes unless it is part of inline styling, javascript, button, css, iframe, object, or the url of a hyperlink.  The script will work on the hyperlinked text though.  One limitation of the script is that it will stop executing if the string is approximately 11,633 characters in length.  I still use this script because I have a workaround in place to selectively disable the script if needed.  You can try it out here.

Convert BB Code to HTML Code using recursion

$text = '[one]text [two]text [three]text[/thre] text[/two] text[/one]';
$regexp = '{((\[([^\]]+)\])((?:(?:(?!\[/?\3\]).)*+|(?1))*)(\[/\3\]))}si';
    $text = preg_replace($regexp,'<$3>$4</$3>',$text);
echo $text;

Recursion is difficult to understand or even find good examples for.  The above will output

<one>text <two>text [three]text[/thre] text</two> text</one>

mismatched BB Code is ignored.

some helpful links

TAGS: pcre, php

Posted By: james438
Date Posted: Thu August 19 2010

This is the second post for this article.  Next up I want to sync the article ID to the post ID somehow.  That is probably the most important thing at the moment.

Posted By: james438
Date Posted: Thu August 19 2010

Ok, we now have usernames, a rotating background color for the posts, post date, and the threads are tied to a new hidden value in the articles table.

I like how it works and will now integrate this into the rest of the site.  Now to get some posters  
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