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Incorrect album art bug
written by: admin

Date Written: 5/28/12 Last Updated: 7/10/15

Problem: (Windows Media Player 11) When I updated the album art for one album the album art for the another album would be updated with the same album art.  This bug is seen when viewing the albums in the library as opposed to in the Now Playing area.  This is certainly not what I wanted.

Failed Methods Used To Correct This:

Solution: Right click the file and select Find Album Info.  After finding and selecting the correct album info the album info was saved correctly and it stuck!

Problem: (Embedded album art not always showing up) After transferring my music over to a new computer I had album art that would not display in most media players.  MP3Tag and AlbumArtFixer found nothing.  Removing and/or editing all tags did nothing.  Removing the cache did not work.

Solution: Quick fix is to open the affected files with mp3Tag, select all, save (no need to make any changes).  You can fix all of the files at once that way.  I do not know why, but that fixed it.

Further reading: link

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