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Notable Opera Features and when they arrived – no longer maintained
written by: admin

Date Written: 10/19/14 Last Updated: 11/15/20

Note: No Longer Maintained

These are features that I have found to be most significant in the Opera releases.  Features that are not observable such as dropping support for NPAPI or improved codec support are not included thus you will see occasional gaps in version numbers.  Version numbers began with version 15 after Opera completely redesigned their browser using the Chromium engine.

Featurerelease dateVersion
Speed Dial                         2013–07–0215
Stash                              2013–07–0215
Discover                           2013–07–0215
Extensions                         2013–07–0215
Combined address and search bar    2013–07–0215
Mouse gestures                     2013–07–0215
Off–Road mode                      2013–07–0215
opera:flags                        2013–08–2716
Autofill                           2013–08–2716
Geolocation                        2013–08–2716
Custom search                      2013–10–0817
Pin tabs                           2013–10–0817
Media access                       2013–11–1918
Rocker gestures                    2013–11–1918
Bookmarks bar                      2014–01–2819
Theme creation                     2014–01–2819
Opera Turbo (Is Turbo 2 in 32, 34) 2014–06–0322
Heart menu                         2014–07–2223
Tab previews                       2014–09–0224
Web notifications                  2014–10–1525
Bookmark manager                   2014–10–1525
PDF Viewer                         2014–10–1525
Import browser data                2014–12–0326
Bookmark Sharing                   2014–12–0326
Enhanced bookmark manager          2015–01–2727
Tab menu                           2015–01–2727
Bookmarks Sync                     2015–03–1028
Improved bookmark manager          2015–03–1028
Flags shows changed settings       2015–03–1028
speed dial sync                    2015–04–2829
customizable shortcuts             2015–04–2829
synced tabs                        2015–04–2829
centered images                    2015–04–2829
Sidebar extensions                 2015–04–0930
Synced browser settings            2015–04–0930
Synced History                     2015–08–0431
Synced passwords                   2015–09–1532
Synced User Interface              2015–09–1532
Much improved heart menu User Interface2015–09–1532
Bookmarks improved user interface  2015–09–1532
Bookmarks sidebar is adjustable    2015–09–1532
folders in bookmarks and heart menu use tree view2015–09–1532
Mute tabs                          2016–02–0235
Simple Settings see Opera:config   2016–02–0235
Customizable speed dial            2016–03–1536
Ad blocker                         2016–05–0437
Redesign of look of Internal Pages 2016–05–0437
Option to remove Plus sign from Speed Dial.2016–05–0437
video pop out                      2016–05–0437
Battery Saver                      2016–06–0838
Custom ad blocker lists            2016–06–0838
Extension button added in Speed Dial side panel2016–06–0838
three dots replaces the "X" thus
making it more difficult to accidentally delete a speed dial.
Opera Upgrade notifications        2016–06–0838
Custom Rss Reader                  2016–08–0239
VPN                                2016–08–0239
search pop out                     2016–08–0239
Significantly faster load times    2016–10–2541
Currency Converter    2016–12–1342
Improved feed reader    2016–12–1342
Instant page loading                          2016–02–1743
Classic link selection                          2016–02–1743
new user interface                          2016–05–1045
light and dark themes                          2016–05–1045
new look for speed dial                          2016–05–1045
smoother transitions when zooming in and out2016–05–1045
speed dial icons are more rounded   2016–05–1045
ability to pin the sidebar               2016–05–1045
three new messenger options for the sidebar  2016–05–1045
Bookmarks are now exportable2017–08–0947
Measurements, time zones, currencies
are now convertible
Search pop up tool now includes
option to search highlighted terms
New crop-able screenshot tool2017–09–2748
Address bar autocomplete tool
now comes with the option to
delete history by clicking on 'x'
Opera Menu redesigned to be more logical2017–09–2748
Rearrangeable icons2017–11–0849
Editable Screenshots2017–11–0849
Easy Setup2017–11–0849
Settings button added to start page.2017–11–0849
Save page as PDF2018–01–0850


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