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site version 7.3

Sunday 4:35am

Date Posted:

Site version 3.41.25

Late night tonight I guess.  I created a program that I like and works fine that creates thumbnail images.  Just cut and paste the url of the image onto the address line and type in the width and/or height you want and a thumbnail of the image is created into the thumbnail folder.  The original image is not destroyed in the process.

One more teeny tiny thing left to do.  I need a gallery for the thumbnail images so that I can easily browse through them.
EDIT: the gallery is created.  Unless something else dawns on me that should be it.  No pertinent updates come to mind.  All of the improvements are very minor and can easily be ignored.  The list of things to do is listed here in case you are curious about what those other minor things are.  

I have looked them over and I am going to just leave them all be and just work on articles, because the site construction really feels finished at this point and it really feels good

The areas that I feel are vital to a completed site are security, content, browser compatibility, versatility, and easy to maintain (does not become increasingly difficult to maintain).

Secondarily, it must be easy on the eyes, load fast, updates fairly regularly, has a unique selling point, and a blog.

Other things that I have found are important is a daily quote, simple layout, search feature, a forum, and a gallery.

Next up will be to either create an about me page, a new anime or manga review article, or revise an older article.


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