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Tuesday 3:07am

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For anyone curious here is my programming methodology/philosophy.  As I create new programs I save valuable script snippets as tools and use these tools to combine them with others as building blocks to create or update programs.  As scripts are added to the website there are often undesired interactions between it and other scripts on my site.  This is a natural side effect of two different scripts running on the same page.  After a little debugging the programs operate as they should.

Bugs can be defined as an unexpected and undesired aspect of a program.  It may be due to an interaction with another program or designed incorrectly or incompletely to begin with.  It can also be that the purpose of a script changes and while it operates the same as it originally did the purpose of the program has changed turning original functionality into bugs.

As time goes by programs become out of date.  As I look back at older scripts they look poorly designed and all too simplistic.  They need to be updated to meet new needs that arise, to remain useful, interesting, secure, and to avoid interactions with other scripts as much as possible.


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