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site version 7.3

Saturday 2:37am

Date Posted:

Fixed some issues with the themes to the site.  The font size and color has been fixed for the sidebars and the background color for the sidebars.  The font size has been fixed for the memo blog.  

The errors came from several different places.  In one case the font size was not being pulled from the database, because the code was old.  In another case the theme was always pulled from the current theme regardless if a demo was being viewed or a user had selected a different theme.  Lastly, the theme selector in certain pages was still using the older bugged version.

Yes, the corners still look funny.  This is a known issue.  I'll try to get that taken care of in my next coding update.

The time has been updated and streamlined for the themes.  I need to remove certain options from the theme program, because certain things should remain the same across all themes.


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