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  • What's New:

  • Theology 101 was updated.
  • Review for Witch Hunter Robin vol.2 is up.

  • Stuff To Do:

  • add more links to the Palmer study pages to make navigation easier.
  • add a page sorting anime into company, OAV, movies, series.
  • add an about the class page, maybe with rants.
  • update the anime list pages again.
  • Password protect certain pages.
  • Do a test update of one of the reviews.
  • add an about section to this site.
  • learn about copywriting this site.
  • Make the Status Box look more professional.
  • add screenshots.
  • add article about buying anime.
  • refurbish the older reviews.

  • my e-mail address is

    Joe's Musings

    There should be some big changes off and on this week. But I should have something more final up by Friday 7/8/05.

    I received a pretty good suggestion for revamping the home page. It may take a while, mostly to figure out what format I want to take with this homepage, but I am going to try to simplify this main page a lot more and turn it more into a preview section of what has just been added, but primarily it will be a place where people can navigate with greater ease and knowledge of where they are going. Please give me at least a few days to work on it though as I plan on changing this front page extensively.
    Battle Angel Alita: Last Order 4: Angel of Protest

    (7/5/05 - 1:00pm) Ok, I think I have a some ideas now. The left side will remain links, but will be subdivided into categories. The right side will be more of the same, but less so. I want to have a left column for uniformity and symetry, but not much else. It will have a select few fast links. The banner will remain the same for now. The center will have very brief site updates that will be approximately 1.5 pages in vertical web page length. Basically it will be a combination of my class template and the main page, but leaning heavily towards what the template now looks like.

    Status Box

    Review coming Wednesday 12:00am
    Noir vol2 - Hit List

    Review coming Wednesday 7/6/05 - 12:00am