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Reviewed 4/16/07
Web Design Article

How to display code was greatly rewritten for readability. It was expanded with many more examples for thoroughness and to make it easier to understand. It is about 3 times longer than before.
Reviewed 4/8/07
.hack//sign: DVD 1: Login

Meh, I decided to rewrite it anyway. It has been expanded. This is a very slow paced anime about a player who can't leave a game world like everyone else. It is an anime about the video game world and how it has evolved and perhaps where it is headed and also the culture of those that play.
Reviewed 4/1/07
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

The review has been rewritten with added screenshots and more rounded content.
Reviewed 3/5/07

February 23, 2007

css layout

Filed under:website — vanderjagt.dc @ 4:39 pm

Well, I really don’t use wordpress all that much these days. I like the blog that I created a little better. It runs faster and is easier to manage. Sure it doesn’t do a lot of what Wordpress does, but I don’t really use all of those extras anyway.

here is a test link to my test page that I have been having trouble with. My blog that I created has a bit of an IE issue where the background seems to bleed through to the otherside. I took care of that problem with the rounded corners, but not with the memo blog space. This post is really only a test to see if I can somehow recreate the same problem in this Wordpress blog space.



5/14/07 5:36pm
I know I have said this before, but I am going to put the programming aside and work on the articles again. I'll try for once a week on Fridays. I'll pick a dvd out of my collection and review it.

5/12/07 9:09pm
added another dropdown menu to the site and gave the drop down menus its own page.

5/12/07 8:18pm
started work on the search feature again. It is kinda difficult to get back into it as this is a very complicated program. I was able to shorten the script down just a little bit more though.

I did discover a bug in how the searches are done that I had never noticed before.

Anyway, I don't know what the update rate will be on this script now that I have started on it, because honestly it is rather intimidating.

5/12/07 10:18am
I updated the timestamp article with a bit of code.

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Lain: DVD 1: Navi

70% done.

5/4/07 9:40pm