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not much tonight. I went through my site and made it compatible with Firefox. The only problem pages were battle angel vol.2 and last order vol 2 and a few other misc pages. I also fixed the Saikano dvd 3 review page that I must have missed some how and took care of a few other little things like that.

next up is to finish the bottom corners add links to the left side sidebar and update the list pages. In that order.


'bout time I called it a night. I finished rounding out the top corners on all of the reviews, updated many pages, started adding additional links to several of the reviews to make navigation a bit easier, fixed a few typos, found and deleted about 4 junk pages or so, redid how I do include files to make updating more versatile and easier, and added a few links to some more web pages :)

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4/25/06 - 7:46pm

Learning languages.

Tables Within Tables

Tuesday, April 18, 2006, 5:23pm (CST)

So here's the deal. I went back to my site and just had this obsession again to change one tiny little thing to my site. I wanted the corners of my pages to be rounder. You wouldn't believe how hard that was to figure out! I figured it would be a simple matter of adding a table or row and adding three images. One for the upper left corner and one for the upper right and a cell in the middle that linked the two images together seemlessly.

The problem was that there were spaces between cells that I couldn't seem to get rid of even though I had specified in the table that I wanted there to be no cellpadding or spacing or margins or whatever. Then I discovered countless cells, rows and tables that either were not closed or had no beginning. To make matters worse the more I opened them the more tangled the mess became!

I think that the problem was that for each new table I create I need to specify that I do not want any cellpadding. The other problem was that when another cell is just below another cell in the same table and the top cell is an image of a predetermined length the larger of the two cells will stretch the smaller one so as to make them both uniform.

After I figured that all out I found myself able to look at the code of the most tangled mess and untie it and fix all of the loop holes with ease as if it were a children's book! Oi! I can work on the rest now. Now I know what I want to do now and how to do it, but there are some things that I have been neglecting that I want to get to like reading. I will try to work on the rest of the the pages here and there over the next week or so.

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