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Thursday, October 27, 2005, 7:15am (CST)

Ok, I have been away from the site too long. Today I am going to try to spend a majority of my time working on this site and updating it some more. I'll try to post a real post later on after I get some more stuff up. The reason that I have not been updating all that much is two fold. First, I finished finals and I have been playing a ton of games. Second, I have not advertised this site all that much at all, because it is not worth promoting as of yet and it may never be. Because of that the number of visitors here has been rather lacking, so I figured that if I didn't have any visitors I didn't have to worry about who I was offending if I didn't update for a while and played a bit of EQ or Neverwinter Nights.

Hmm, well, I have been updating the news section fairly regularly during this time. I love keeping up with the ANWR drilling debate. Remember, I keep up with the debate, I don't debate it! I have been keeping up with it, because every time I think that drilling for oil in the ANWR is a sure thing I find that there are still many many ways for all the wackos to still derail this whole thing, so I decided to add a section that will keep up on it and not post rumors, but just the facts on the issue as well as the status untill it really is a sure thing. The gay marriage amendments largely have not changed much, but there is an amendment on the ballot for November 8, 2005. The soonest the next amendment will be is November of next year! Oi! It is slow going. I also need to keep up on the supreme court decisions on this issue as well. I have not posted anything, because no decisions have been made yet. Heck, we are still waiting on getting one more nomination up for the US Supreme Court! I added that section, because reliable information has been exceedingly hard to get a hold of! I even emailed a reporter in order to find out where he was getting his information on the topic. He sent me a junk email and then never wrote back again.

Oh, well. On to updates! I have been away from it for too long.

Sunday, September 30, 2005, 6:28pm (CST)

I am begining to get into a bit of a groove for this site. I know that earlier there were some longer delays of a week or two, but now the delays between updates are decreasing and I am getting a better idea of what I want for this site and getting to like the feel of it more and more.

I know that I don't advertise my site much, but in truth I just don't feel that it is ready yet. I need more content and I am not able to offer all that much in comparison to a lot of the other sites out there that are devoted to anime like this one is.

Well, I am going to push on with the Alita series, because the new book comes out in November and I am really looking forward to that. It is called Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Vol. 6: The Angel and the Vampire. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me and I love Battle Angel Alita and am looking forward to the movie that is coming out and hope that it doesn't suck too badly, but I'll like it anyway . I also want to polish up a lot of the other reviews and add character profiles and screenshots as well. I don't know if I want or can do all that much with the summaries of the anime that I review. I still need to figure out what I want to do with that.

Sunday, September 25, 2005, 5:50am (CST)

Ahh, this new schedule is pretty cool. I am getting a lot more and being rather productive. I go to sleep a around noon adn wake up at 8:00 pm and stay awake all night. Because I am awake so late there is almost nothing for me to do so I end up spending my time doing more productive things like studying or reading or cleaning or playing games. I am really doing well. I think that I will keep this new schedule for a while.

I am also updating the website a bit more frequently and I think that it really needs it. I have been in a bit of a funk with this website trying to get the time to work on it and after spending enough time away from it I begin to lose sight of how I want to update this site and the content begins to suffer for it as the repairs that need to be done simply don't get done. It should be a bit cool to see how this site improves with my extra free time that I now have. The night life is not the life for me, but I am enjoying it for the time being and I inteend for it to be temporary, but necessary for the time being. I need to use this time to study PNS and pass this dreaded class.

Thursday, September 15, 2005, 3:00am (CST)

Wow! I got listed on google It only took some 17 weeks for it to happen though. I noticed this when as of yesterday I got some of my first unique visitors to this site. I don't know how they found this place, but I am only too glad that they found me. It has reinvigorated me to work on this site some more to make it look better to others. Sure it is nice to have a site of my very own, but it is a lot more fun to have a place that other people can see too. It is nice to show people some of the things that I have been working on.

Sunday, September 5, 2005, 3:00am (CST)

I figured out the purpose for this site considering I am the only one who will be visiting it. This will be my own little play ground. This is the place that I like to go and mess with the scenery and put down my thoughts and such. This is my room. I like the thought of that. I am not here to try to get attention any more. I ma just here to have fun and not really care what anyone else thinks :)

I will try to be careful of copyright laws and try not to say anything too personal but otherwise it is just a fun place for me to relax. sigh... so relaxing.

By the way, I am moved into my new place and I like it a lot. I got rid of a ton of furniture, so that I could fit in this place, but it really is awesome. I have constant internet access and the place is newly built. The bathroom is bigger and the carpet is nice and the utilities are free and it feels safer. I also have a really cool new room mate, who I know very well and I used to room with before and it is quiet and peaceful!

The only downside is that the internet connection is slow and the bathtub doesn't drain and their is no shower head, but those things are so minor they almost add to the charm of this place. Oh, well, enough for now, catch ya later, Joe.

Sunday, August 29, 2005, 8:15pm(CST)

Sorry about the lack of updates, but what does it matter since no one is visiting but me and I don't update as much as I really need to. Oh well. I do hope to change that to some degree after my move a few blocks away. I should be done by Wednesday. When I get there one of the first things that I want to do is change servers and get a domain name. Then I am going to try and get back on track with regular updates to the archive. Part of the reason for the delays, in fact a big reason is school. I want to get to the point where I can spend about and hour or so on this site every night, but of course that won't happen for sometime. I hope to have this website up and running for years to come however even if it never becomes all that popular.

Monday, August 16, 2005, 1:38am (CST)

Ack! I can't think of anything to say! Oh, well. Sometimes you just ned to type away and get the ords out anyway even if they are crap otherwise nothing will ever come out and that is nothing more than website death. I was listening to a sermon the other day on the Book of Hosea and I felt strongly convicted of my sin. I was listening to the destruction of Israel and how it was because they professed to be the Lord's and kept all of His commands and yet their hearts were far from God. All of their words to God were mere lip service, because after they had said their prayers and sacrificed their sacrifices they went straight to their sins that they loved so much.

I have to ask myself is that what I am doing? Heh. Of course I am. I know that is what I do all so well. It is said that Christians can not lose their salvation if they sin and that is true. Once saved always saved after all, but if I continue in my sins will I prove that I never was truly saved at all and was merely pretending? There are many of those who pretend to be Christian and have done it so long that they don't realize it. There are those that go to hell with a Bible in their hands. There are those who go to hell praying all the way. There are those that go to hell thinking that it is God's responsibility to save. It is not God's responsibility it is His grace.

Where am I? what is my attitude to God? Where am I right now? After that sermon I did not go home to continue in my sin. No. I went home and begged God for forgiveness and a right heart. I have not sought after sin yet, but when will I start to do that again? I mean I can't hide from the world like a monk in order to avoid sin. We are also to avoid sin as well. I was talking to a friend about this and what it means and to be honest much of what he said is beginning to fade, but he mentioned that we need to develop our armour against the firey darts of temptation and that comes about through bible reading and avoiding temptation when it comes. We are to put on the full armor of God just as it says in Ephesians 6:10 - 20. In short it says we are to pray, have faith, read our Bible and hav salvation.

So Where am I now after one day? I am in a position where I fear the fires of Hell and desire to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. I have studied the book of Hosea a lot more and have vowed to truly repent of sin and to take all of the means necessary to do what I am supposed to do as a Chistian even at the expense of School. I also am trying to... I don't know what I am trying to do. I just know that I can so easily fall back into sin and I don't want to do that. I don't want to be that. I want to truly be a Christian. I don't want to be a part of the darkness. It is not something that I can easily put into words. Sorry.

It is time to stop writing now. Sometimes you can just tell when you need to put the pen down and leave things as they are, because you know the rest will be mere ramblings that really are of no value and this is one of thse times. Till next time, Joe.

Sunday, August 14, 2005, 10:45pm (CST)

Hi. I'm just trying to figure out how I can tweak my website a bit. I like the color change to the background that I did and I increased the main table size a bit more as well as all of the images there too slightly. I am adding this section, because I didn't want to clutter all of the updates with my random thoughts. I figure that there should be a place for that and I think that that place should be down here.

I'm going to try to write in here a bit tomorrow on repentence. There was a sermon that I listened to today that hit me rather hard and I want to talk about it tomorrow. I updated this website a bit and now I need to work on my own personal life.

Ah, yes, publishing my life for the world to see. heh, well, we'll see just how much I am willing to share come tomorrow. For right now I am going to head to bed, because I have school tomorrow and a test on Tuesday in Radiology I.

(7/13/05 - 10:00am) Yep, I went to sleep around 9:30 or so last night and woke up at 8:00 am this morning so I am back in real sleeping schedule for today. I also feel really good about the update I was able to get done last night. Getting those two lists done is a load off my mind and will also save me a lot of time for future reviews. Today my plan is to get a review done that will represent the way I want all reviews in the future to be. It will have an episode guide and a character guide and the review itself should be of higher quality. I am not sure if I will get it done tonight, but I will try to get a good start on it. Remember, I am in school now, so that will slow things down a bit.

(7/15/05 - 1:10pm) School is upsetting my schedule a bit and it frustrates me that I have not been able to work on my site in the way thatI would like to. I'll see if I can get things updated somehow, someway tonight.

(6/10/05 - 3:00am) I am sleepy. I had to leave earlier in a hurry because I wanted to make it to a D&D game. It was a lot of fun and we don't geta chance to get together very often so we ended up playing a bit longer than I was thinking we would, but it was a lot of fun and I got to visit with a friend I don't get to see very often.

As far as Site news goes. I am trying to come up with some modifications to the site and I feel like I have writer's block or something. I mean I have a ton of ideas for the site, but coming up with a site caption is not too easy for me to do for some reason. It is a little frustrating, but something will come along I just e-mailed a friend of mine that has some skills at programming and a lot of drawing ability to come up with an idea if he can. I just don't think that I can come up with an idea on my own.

I really do have a lot of plans for the site. Just take a look at my to do list. I add to both sections of it pretty often. I do want to warn you that my update schedule will change a bit when school starts in a few days however. I have today and tomorrow to mess around with the site and clean things up or make changes. Heh, knowing me, though, I'll almost certainly be working on this site about as much after school starts as I am now.

I do need to sleep now, enjoy Noir DVD 2 and I will catch you later.

(6/9/05 - 11:00am) I'll try to get links up to the rest of the titles in the list later tonight. Gotta run for now. Catch you all then!

(7/8/05 - 1:00am) Phew! It is all reformatted and streamlined :) Hehe, I think that I am going to explore my website now! Not sure what I want to work on next. I really should take a break from working on the site for a bit and pace myself. I have a few other things that I need to do, like study my Bible and eat and do laundry and things like that. I'm sure I'll do some more updating tomorrow though. There's lots I want to do with this site yet to make it look better. Very soon I am going to have to learn a new language so tha the updates to the site can be streamlined instead of updating each individual page when I want to have something continually updated on each page of a certain type. No matter. That won't be for a few months yet. I am not at the point where I HAVE to take the time to learn .asp or .php yet.

More updates later,

(7/7/05 - 2:40pm) I have reformatted just about the whole site now. The last thing I need to do in the way of reformatting is all of the reviews that I have done. I am going to take a bit of a break before tackling that monster. For one I need to figure out how I want to reformat it. Other things I need to do is figure out how I want to change the links on the right and left borders. At least they are streamlined and a bit easier to use at this point though. I am also thinking of different ways I can give the character profiles and episode summaries their own seperate links.

Either way, I am going to try to get the rest of the site reformatted before this weekend. After that I will try to get back to the reviews and add to the other sections as scheduled.

(7/6/05 - 6:45pm) Well, I hope you like he new front page. I think I like it for the most part. The colors are about what I want and the layout is nearly done. The site is a bit easier to navigate I hope and it doesn't look too cluttered.
(6:45pm) I think that is about all of the updating that I am going to do for tonight. I still have a lot that I want to do with this site and my eagerness to work on this site has been piqued again. Oh, I was asking myself why it was that I was even working on this site. Here are three reasons:

Also I have a history of enjoying working with code and this is a good outlet for the desire to work out puzzles.

I am going to try and work on the anime lists next and MAYBE reformat the anime reviews so thatthey look like the front page to. If I decide to do that it won't be for a while though. The anime lists is coming next along with a streamlining of the lists on the right and left side of the screen.

Ok! Ok! I'll do it! I looked at a few other sites that I respect and I can see that they ALL take one good template and multiply it for the rest of their site. The ones that are not so good use all kinds of styles and it ends up being just a mess. By using the same good template it makes surfing through the site so much easier. I will try and get a start on redoing the entire site with the main page template. The thing is that it will take a while to get it all done. I will try to get most of it done by the time school starts on 7/12/05. Talk about a lot of work though.

(7/3/05 - 9:45pm) So much to add to this site. Well, I have finally begun work on the theology section of this website. I am doing this to become better able to have an answer for the hope that I have as a Christian and to become more knowldgeable as a Christian. I feel that it is my duty to do so and I want to be able to defend myself and others against the heresies that are out there. That and if I don't I fear that I will do no more than slip further and further into sin and idols will creep into my life.

I have started my Theology section and I need to figure out what direction that I want to take with it and that, I must say, is the hardest part of it all.

(7/1/05 - 1:30pm) Why am I doing this website?. It is a hobby and aid to my other hobbies. It helps me and others with classes at Palmer. It helps people grow in reformed ideas (important). It is a way for me to categorize my anime/manga collection and gives others an idea of what is out there the thing is that there are other sites that do this so much better than I do. I could never hope to compare. Why do I do it then? While this is the favorite part of the site for me it is also one of the most useless. I think it is because I like doing it. I enjoy it. Sure it serves no purpose. It is part of my hobby though.

Moving on. It is a way for family and friends to keep up with what I am doing. It is a way for me to learn how to create a good website albeit slowly. It is a way for me to keep up with my interests. In short and in reality this site is nothing more than an extension of me. It is also a search for me to try and find a way to get attention from others. This last part is only partly true, because I love doing this anyway.

k, now that that is all said and done I can move on to operating this site like usual. Today is going to be busy for me. primarily I need to read over the book I am doing for my book report. I also need to clean up my place aas it really is getting messy and has been messy for sometime and I need to e-mail my pastor about Dungeouns and Dragons. I think that this falls under Christian liberty, but many people I have talked with think that I am dabbling in the occult. Finally I told the laast person that I talked with that I would get this all cleared up with Pastor Taylor. I really do want to add to this site some more. I feel like there is so much I need to do with it yet to make it presentable to people. The difficult thing is knowing what parts need work or how to improve it. I could get advice from others and advice is welcome, but I think that the only place I am going to be able to really get good advice is from myself and figuring this out for myself.

As a random bit of extras I plan on getting a braodband connection in about 5 days! Finally I will be able to upload a few screenshots of characters and maybe a scene or another. That should help this site out a bit. The other things I need to get is a flashdrive, another hard drive for storage and insurance against file destruction of the C Drive. A HD monitor, a scanner and a high quality printer aaannndd a digital camera. Yeah, that should cover it. Forget my geting any of this however till I get ingrained into being an actual chiropractor though in about oh, 4 years I think. I hope to be graduated in 2 and a half years and have a healthy practice set up in a year and a half. I will be pretty busy then I hope.

(6/27/05 - 1:30am) I finally got a good start on the extra stuff that needed to be added to the website, like templates for articles and polishing up the one that I use for anime reviews. Part of the difficulty with the reviews template was figuring what to add to the right hand column. I don't mind immitating other site's styles, but I don't want to copy them and that is one thing I was trying not to do. The other was trying to figure out what to add that would make my reviews a little different and better than another site's reviews. That part I am still working on, but I rather like what the template looks like at present. It has most everything that I want for it and I can add more facts here and there if I want.

The problem with the articles section and the reason that I procrastiated in making the template for it was that I would have to learn a bit more html then I already know. For those of you who are wondering I do still plan on learning other internet languages, but for now I am going to work on this basic one known as HTML and start another language when this one can no longer keep up with what I want it to do. Right now I am still learning how to do some interesting things with html yet. What I had to learn was how to do a border around only one cell and not the others as well as how to add a bit of space around the text in one cell without adding it to all the others. I sort of half figured it out by accident. Apparently you need to embed one table within another. I still don't know all of the ins and outs to it, but I was able to get one made so that I can do future articles that look just a little bit more refined and professional.

I really want to start adding some screenshots soon, but I guess that still has to wait 2 more months. Right now all I can give you as far as images go is the stuff I find via the internet. I am also looking forward to working on my review for Lain for Wednesday, but I still have tomorrow scheduled for polishing up this website a bit and working on some of those things that I have been neglecting a bit. I think the last thing I want to work on for tomorrow is finishing my template for articles. I think I will use the same template for my theology papers as I do for the anime ones. I want something different for the Palmer page though, because I want to it use for my schoolwork and to help me stay on top of things this coming trimester and for my own personal reference guide for my studies. After I get the two template styles done I should be able to update the three sections much more frequently.

(6/22/05 - 6:30am) Things are moving along pretty smoothly on the site now. Updates are coming up regularly, the reviews are a bit more readable than the gibberish I was writing earlier and slowly the site is taking on more responsibilities. I am learning little html tricks here and there as well. I know I have not worked on the items on my to do list in a while, but I wanted to work on being able to do site reviews on a regular basis. I thought that was most important.

Just so you know, I only write reviews on the items that I actually own, not the bootleg versions, but the official U.S. releases too. I only own so much manga and anime so there will probably come a time in the not too distant future when my list of reviews will start to slow down, but fear not! I do buy anime fairly often, so the reviews will still be coming rather regularly even after everything is reviewed. In fact when they do come the reviews will probably be even better than they are now, well, I think that I will be enjoying writing them lots more than I am now, which I am already addicted to doing as it is.

Sadly, I scratched one of my DVD's of Iria recently. I went to ask around about cd buffers and such and have two options. First, I can buy a cd buffer and try and get the scratches buffed out, or I can go to Video Games Etcetera and get the cd resurfaced for about $6. I think that I will try the resurfacing bit. It may never really be the same, but this should be a cool thing to try and do at least. I will let you know what happens.

I want you to know that when doing reviews like this it is very difficult to know just how much to say when summarizing a series and future volumes. I try not to give away any spoilers at all, but please forgive me if I accidentally do and Let Me Know! I am not one who likes to spoil surprises!

(6/13/05 - 10:30pm) Well, Megatokyo vol.1 one is up. I feel pretty good about the review. Everytime I do a review I feel like the site is coming along a little more. Content is one of the most important things about this website at the moment. Sadly the visitors have not started pouring in yet, grrr. No matter, things will change... I hope. Don't get me wrong! It is a ton of fun working on this site even if I am the only person using it, but it is always more fun when you know that other people come to your site to see what you have up.

I was just thinking about ways to improve the website and the one thing that I think could really do with some work is the anime and manga that I review. Notice how I have this blog section here and how it enhances the page a bit? Well, I need to have something to put in the righthand column of the reviews that I do. I just need to figure out what to put there. I think that it should be screenshots, but I just don't know if I can do that just yet.

Well, I really need to study now being that I have a test in a few hours in Renal. Catch ya later,


(6/9/05 - 5:40pm) Hi, sorry my review turned out to be late, but I just got a dialup connection for the internet and I had a friend over who I let use the computer while I was out. Well, I ended up getting a few computer viruses that were a bugger to get out and I ended up having to reformat my hard drive, so I had to spend nearly all last night reinstalling all of my programs onto my computer and getting a spy removal service that could actually remove the hijackers and such on my computer that were annoying and messing with my programs and driving me a little crazy. Things are better now. The only bad thing is that I ended up losing a lot of info on my computer and a few anime that I got from a friend.

I got spysweeper, which worked wonders for my computer, google desktop, windows media player 10, ieshwiz (a program that can change the background appearance of any folder), and soon I will get a program called wallpaper changer that changes the wallpaper on my computer at regular intervals, it's fun. So you know, final exams are now upon me so I may be late with my updates now and again, but bear with me please.

(6/8/05 - 1:37pm) Like the new layout? I do. I decided to combine the anime reviews section with the front page blog section to make the site a little more efficient, give it still a better look and make things easier to get to and find. Eventually I will delete the old main page, but for now there is a link to it still.

Sorry that things were a bit late today. There may have been no visitors this morning, but I want to at least be reliable. If I knew I were being reliable only to myself I guess I would not really care all that much, but I want to be dependable so that you know you can expect certain things from me.

I promised you I would make it up to you so I will try to come up with something for you before tomorrow. It will either be another site update where I complete one of my things to do list that you see posted on one of the side bars or a new anime/manga review.

By the way, I like the logo of lain, but i don't know if I want it to be characteristic of myself being that I am male and almost 30. I just don't think that I look like Lain :P

(6/5/05 - 11:30pm) Well, another day, another review. I have this crazy idea that people will come pouring into my site now that it is open. Hah! Silly me. The thing is that I have done a lot with this site and I have a lot left to do. One of the things that I am doing and trying to do better is improve on my writing skills and in how I do reviews. I am trying to figure out what new features to add to this site and I how to improve the quality of what I have already added.

I wish that I could get people to give me ideas of what I could add, but I know enough about me and about getting advice and opinions about things like this that I really need to sit and think about how to do this on my own. Believe it or not I used to be a lot better at writing than I am now. It is an art and one I need to work at developing again.

Well, it is late and I have a lot of Finals that I need to be cramming for, so I shall see you all later,

- Joe

(6/2/05 - 6:00pm) I was just thinking now that I have polished the look of this site up a bit. What makes my site different from other sites out there? I have come up with a few answers to that. First, this site really isn't different or better than other sites out there. Other sites are better by far, just take a look at the links that I have set up. The ones I am linked up to are better by far. But there's more!

Second, I update my site almost everyday. That's a plus. Third, this website is run from a conservative reformed perspective. What I mean by that is not that I analyze all of the Biblical aspects of what I review, but that my views color my reviews of anime and manga and what I reccomend. Lastly, I try to add to my website and try to be innovative. I am not yet at the point where I am pleased with the format of my website and until that point I will continue to try to improve, expand, and refine my website.

I could advertise and I am beginning to do that, but I still need to work on the site a bit more before I am ready to advertise my site much yet. Wish me luck, because I have a bit of time yet and I am about to try and get a forum added to my site now. I am thinking that this will not be easy either and about as hard as adding a banner (which still needs work I must add). Oh, I am going to try to change the image for my blog only when I come up with a new blog. I need to start archiving my blogs too come to think of it. I will need to figure out how to do that too. I also want to do a review tonight if'n I can.

(8:18pm) I made a little progress. I may change servers and go over to www.godaddy.com. It seems the deal there is ten times better and I may be able to get myself a forum. I want to call them up and ask them in person if the package deal that I saw offered really does include a forum. Even if I can't get a forum the deal looks so good that I may switch over anyway. I will hold off though for a bit till finals are over in two weeks before I make the change over at the soonest.

(6/1/05 - 11:35am) I talked with a class representative and sent an e-mail to the student council asking about copyright rules and where I can get the info needed to host the Palmer stuff. I hope they get back to me soon. If nothing else I can add a few things of my own or else just add a link to someone who is already working on it.

(9:00pm) I got an e-mail back and found that the pcc class 041 website is actually up, but at a new address. It seems that this info is not all that well known. I guess updating the palmer part of this website is sort of moot at this point. I will figure out what I wat to do with it, still, follow this link for the palmer website.

(5/31/05 - 11:12am) Man, that took forever to figure out how to add a banner that looked at least acceptable. I could not figure out for the longest time why the site kept adding borders and spacers here and here. Heh, I still don't really know why, but I think I know enough to be able to add banners to the rest of the pages now without random space holders coming into play. Do I want to add this banner that I placed on the main page to the rest of the site? I mean, what about the world news section? No, Maybe only to the anime related areas and this one too. I have to run and get a few x-rays approved now, so I will try to get back here soon to update some more.

I am not sure how much I will be able to update during the next three weeks starting with this week. I will do what I can though, because this site still needs a lot of work. I am rather pleased that I am at least able to add banners now.

I also really like the new black side bar much better than the ugly green that used to be there. The reason tht it was there for so long was that everything that I did to improve it just made it look worse.

It's later now. I made a template for the anime pages! I know it looks familiar. It took a little less time to make, but I like it. It might need a bit of tweaking yet, but it is ready enough for me to start work on my anime pages now. Sadly, I still need to add three more templates to my site (World News, Palmer, Reformed Theology. I have not even set up a link to the reformed Theology section yet!) before I can add pages with any real speed, but at least one is up and that gives me confidence that it can be done and that it can be done faster than the first time. It also means that the anime pages will be coming up real quick now.

Hah! This should be the last update for today, but I really updated the anime reviews section. This is a really big improvement and I spent too much time updating my site today. I need to mail a bill, give plasma for cash (the things I do to support my site), and do a lot of homework. Heck, I have not even had a bite to eat yet :P I must limit the amount of time I spend working on this site each day!

(5/28/05 - 3:50pm) Finding out how to add pages easily is slow going, but I did get a start on setting up links anyway to some of the anime and manga that I plan to review. I still have not figured out how I want to set up the basic format of each review page. I could use the same format that I have been using, but I just don't think so. Whatever format I come up with will take a bit of work, so don't expect to see it right away. I will continue to expand the site regularly however. I have a lot of stuff I want to add to this site just to get the basics of it up and then I hope to come up with bigger updates when I do update.

Notice that I have found a way to add horizontal and vertical lines :P Not a big deal I guess, but it really adds to the format of the site and helps compatmentalize everything.

(5/26/05 - 6:12pm) I am looking into how to add websites quickly. That is my biggest challenge to getting the anime section set up. If I can do that I will be able to get the site up quickly.

(5/26/05 - 11:30am)Oog, long day today. I stayed awake all last night so that I could get a good score on my practical in Toggle and my quiz in Nutrition class today. I did well in both, but I am tired. I hope to get some solid work in tonight. I really need to research more tricks to modify my site. There are a ton of things that I need to learn yet and add to this site too. I will try to give you an update later tonight.

Hi, mostly I am writing these little notes for myself. I doubt that I am going to get too many visitors as I sit here learning HTML and tweak the looks of my site here and there in my continuing effort to get this site looking the smallest bit professional as opposed to some hack job (which it is ;). Still, I am learning and this is a load of fun working on my own website. I can't seem to get away from here!

If you have the interest, drop me a line and let me know how you would like to see the site modified or anything you might be interested in hearing more about. Just go to the message board and leave me a note, that way I will know that someone actually saw this site. On the other hand I will probably get really embarassed, because there really isn't anything to this place yet. But! You Will see changes nearly every day though and probably several times a day too. I am hoping to make bigger and better changes as I become more adept at HTML.

It's the little things that really make me obsessive. For example there was a sliver of white at the top right margin of the screen. Is was almost imperceptable, but was noticeable. I hunted all through the HTML code till I found a line that just didn't look quite right. I was all happy and excited when I got rid of it and the site looked just a little bit crisper.

Soon, banner adds will start up on this site, but I think that I'll fork over the cash to get rid of them. Maybe not right away though. We'll see.

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