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site version 7.3
Animeviews Changelog
written by: admin

Date Written: 4/9/07 Last Updated: 8/22/21

Version Summary
Version 1 go to 1.0
I did not start using version numbers greater than 0.x till version 3.0.0.  Version 1 of this site was done all in HTML and was my first attempt at a website.  I bought a Xanga site on May 17, 2005 and almost as soon as I started it I realized that I wanted more than just some blog; I wanted to design and create.  A few hours after starting my Xanga page I bought and started work on a website.

Version 2 go to 2.0
The second version utilized PHP and a MySQL database to sort and store information.  Because I changed servers and greatly changed how I code and how the main page looks, I called this version 2.0.

Version 3 go to 3.0
The third version involved a much more extensive use of CSS throughout the site and thus the language used to write code has changed greatly again.  Under version 3.0 the website had undergone some extensive bug fixes and numerous new features, mostly involving the admin page.  There were also countless and extensive improvements throughout the site.

Version 4 go to 4.0
Due to the large number of changes seen with version 3.0 it was time to roll the version number over to 4.0.  Changes seen with this version include: Significant security improvements, the creation of an editor program, several updates to the search program and config page, improved site navigation, added an image cycler, added a new section to the sidebar showing recent updates, and several bug fixes.

Version 5 go to 5.0
After all of the changes seen with version 4 it was time to start a new version 5.  Search feature has been upgraded to version 5.3, added the use of article Tags, numerous PCRE fixes as well as many other fixes to the site, themes for the site can be created and loaded, templates for articles can be created and utilized, Editor has been updated to 1.12, added Tabs to the admin page, and made some security improvements/fixes.  Extensive bug fixes

Version 6 go to 6

Version 7 go to 7

Version 7.1 go to 7.1
  • Archive pages can now have the results narrowed by more than one tag at once.
  • Calendar was added.
  • Walter Zorn script was updated to the final version.
  • member registration page was cleaned up.
  • members can now create their own personalized themes.
  • email confirmation for member registration.
  • default titles were added for the news page.
  • several very important bug fixes to the member control panel.
  • Several big security improvements, especially for the member passwords.
  • Added a password reset feature for members.
  • Several bug fixes and minor improvements which can be viewed in the memo blog or the Wordpress blog.
  • Calendar added to the admin page.
  • fixed a security hole where members could post articles even when their daily limit had been reached.
  • cookies now operate much more efficiently.  In particular members who register are immediately logged in.  When members log out they are logged out immediately instead of in 8 seconds.

Version 7.2 go to 7.2
  • updates to the admin security and how passwords are hashed.
  • website updated from php 5.3 to 5.4.
  • mysql functions replaced with mysqli.
  • started using case file numbers for ongoing cases.
  • dock content script was retired in favor of position:fixed for colors box used for changing the custom theme of the website.
  • news posts now can use hr and li tags.
  • news posts can have admin comments.
  • session start is no longer used.
  • editor updated from version 1.27 to 1.30.
  • updated the spam filters for the forums.
  • html tags added the buttons ndash, mdash, hyphen, and right arrow.
  • post specific css for the memo blog posts is now usable.
  • pcre dash script was retired.
  • hyphens are no longer replaced with the html code of –
  • streamlined the site so that 5 most recently updated news posts are displayed on the right side of every page.
  • placed the html tags list into a box and redesigned many edit pages to make them more compact. Placed the memo blog picture arrows below the picture displayed. removed extra space between the memo blog post data such as date posted, image file location, and image hover caption.
  • tags for memo blog posts are now displayed on the main page.
  • link to archives was centered.
  • various bug fixes.

Version 7.3 go to 7.3
  • Site is mobile friendly.
  • Search feature updated to 5.8 to correctly display more obscure characters in the search results.

Build numbers

For version 6 I started using build numbers.  A version number of 6 was listed at the left side of the page.  The build number started with "0" and every new bug fix, feature, or revision would increment the build number by 1.  By the time version 6 was done the site was at build 165.  Version 6 remains the version with the largest number of updates.  

It is unclear whether I will use this method for version 7 as the goal has always been to have a site that is complete without the need for constant fixes or security upgrades.

version number explained
This site follows the x.y.z format.

x is a major overhaul.

Adding PHP and MySQL to the site required an almost complete rewrite of the code for the entire site, so 1.2.3 becomes 2.0.0.  

Converting the site from HTML table format to CSS again required an almost complete rewrite of the code for the site so version 2.0.0 becomes 3.0.0, which is when I started officially using site versions.  

With 4.0.0 the website had undergone enough changes that I went from 3.0.0 to 4.0.0.  Mostly it was due to an extensive advancement and utilization of the config page.  There were also countless and extensive improvements throughout the site.

4.0.0 has seen the advancement of Editor from 0.3 to 1.1 and several other significant improvements to the code here and there.

y is an added feature or update.

For example adding a daily quote, dropdown menu, blog to the site or main page are all examples of new features.  

Improving the search feature to display more relevant results or updating the main page so that it automatically displays the latest 4 new articles to the website are examples of improvements.  

z is a bug fix.

For example fixing the 'date reviewed' that is displayed at the bottom of each main content section so that it is aligned to the bottom of the section instead of rolling up if the image is too tall is a bug fix.  Updating the daily quote code so that it doesn't display empty quotes on certain days is another bug fix.  

Each bug fix or improvement moves the counter up one for its respective part.  


bug --- unintended result of mistyped, miscalculated or incomplete code.  A feature can become labeled a bug when the purpose of the program changes.  For example archived files sorted by ID can be a bug if the purpose of the script is now to sort the files by date.

new feature --- new code that often has its own file and is a new part to the website like a new chapter.

update --- refinement or improvement of an existing feature.

version --- site wide rewrite of code or is extensive enough to warrant a new version number.  This is quite rare.

Website features currently being used

Animeviews Change log

5.0 series
5.28.44 bugfix: site theme color fix.
5.28.43 bugfix: fixed list of themes in config.
5.28.42 feature: admin now uses Tabs.
5.27.42 revision: tags script is now uniform. bugfix: overlapping div fix.
5.27.40 bugfix: memo blog dash program has been fixed/completed.
5.27.39 security fix: search 5.3.
5.27.38 bugfix. template delete button now works.
5.27.37 bugfix: many template bugfixes.
5.27.36 feature: News Tags are viewable when viewing individual news items.
5.26.36 bugfix: time fix for the memo blog.
5.26.35 bugfix: PCRE fix to correct the rendering of dashes if CODE tags are used in an article with "undo" selected.  Added PCRE dash options to the memo blog.
5.25.34 bugfix: time on the mainpage was synced with the rest of the site using a better method.
5.25.33 bugfix: time on the mainpage was synced with the rest of the site.
5.25.32 bugfix: correct tag is displayed when creating a new article.
5.25.31 bugfix: config template fix (MySQL).
5.25.30 Bugfix: time fix on the main page.  Anime and manga review scripts were slightly rewritten to simplify them, but significantly enough to post here.
5.25.28 Bugfix: PCRE fix where – appears as an actual hyphen instead of a dash if it is hyperlinked text.
5.25.27 Bugfix: http://www.animeviews.com/display.php lists all available files instead of none.
5.25.26 Editor 1.12.
5.25.25 Editor 1.11.
5.25.24 bugfix: when viewing a website theme the webtime of that theme will now be viewable as well.
5.25.23 Bugfix: changes in the admin config page now correctly set the number of results per page of the results returned in the Search Page.
5.25.22 Bugfix: saved changes to site theme will affect the theme loaded as well as the root theme.  Themes can now be deleted.  Root theme can not be deleted.
5.24.21 Added templates (themes) to the config page.  users can post comments to articles.
5.23.21 bugfix where urls were not being hyperlinked in the memoblog PCRE.
5.23.20 bugfix where – was being converted to a dash if it was found within CODE tags (PCRE).  Updated the edit forms so that - and – appear as originally submitted when editing pages.
5.23.18 minor security fix where users with the correct ip address, but not logged in could still see titles of hidden files, but not access them.  Now if you are logged out, but have the correct ip address the hidden files will no longer be visible.
5.23.17 bugfix where some articles were pulled even though not of the category selected.  "All Article Tags" now lists the number of articles with that tag.
5.22.16 bugfix where CODE tags caused an infinite loop and the implode tag imploded after one loop.
5.22.15 Added a list of Article Tags to the article pages.
5.21.15 article templates can be previewed instead of just the code.
5.20.15 bugfix where urls were not hyperlinked when "skip" was selected in the CSS.
5.20.14 Added list of used tags to news and memo blog edit forms.  Removed delete button from new news form.
5.18.13 Added list of used tags to the page edit form.
5.17.13 Added the ability to create and store article templates.
5.16.13 Fixed a different archive sorting bug for the news archives.
5.16.12 Fixed 3 archive sorting bugs.  prev and next buttons were occasionally incorrectly hyperlinked.
5.16.9 Memo blog now uses Tags.
5.15.9 Tags in articles and news items are now hyperlinked.
5.13.9 hyphens appear as hyphens when editing main content as opposed to –.  Ditto for the memo blog as well (PCRE).
5.11.9 TAGS have been added to the end of articles.
5.10.9 News items can now have multiple tags.
5.9.9 articles can now be given multiple tags.  Editor version 1.10.
5.7.9 Bug fix: empty dates when editing news articles will now correctly default to the current date time.
5.7.8 PCRE added to further format "config" page.  highlighted color #2 was added to the config page and added to the HTML Tags.
5.5.8 PCRE fix for hyperlinking urls in articles and memoblog to better recognize https urls.
5.5.7 added custom CSS to the main news page.
5.4.7 PCRE fix for hyperlinking urls with articles.
5.4.6 Editor 1.9
5.3.6 Upload pages now have headers and footers.  Ability to upload larger files is now available.
5.2.5 minor CSS fixes for some admin pages.
5.2.4 CSS upgrade for the config page.
5.1.4 images generated in memoblog no longer contain low quality images.
5.1.3 newly created pages now redirect to the created page for immediate viewing as originally intended as opposed to the admin page.
5.1.2 reverted nl2br use to str_replace as it disabled javascript .
5.1.1 Search feature 5.1.  This is a bug fix and upgrade.
4.50.40/5.0.0 Search feature 5.0.

4.0 series
4.49.40 Editor version 1.8: bug fix.
4.49.39 Relocated HTML Tags to above most textareas.
4.49.38 Editor version 1.7.
4.48.38 Fixed several font size issues.
4.48.37 Editor version 1.6.
4.47.38 Editor version 1.5.
4.46.37 Stripslashes in memoblog was removed.
4.46.36 Editor version 1.4.
4.45.36 The dates for the newest files now hyperlinked.  Added a link to the archives for Newest Files archived files.
4.43.36 minor security fix.
4.43.35 Search version 4.5.
4.42.35 Fixed 2 time bugs.
4.42.33 "5 most recently updated articles" section was added.
4.41.33 Search version 4.4.
4.40.33 Security update that uses cookies and sessions.  Search version 4.3.
4.39.32 Added an "undo" command to the dash program that will temporarily reverse the dash converter program while editing articles. Fixed a small spacing issue with the smilies.
4.38.31 Updated articles to "day since last updated" as opposed to "date since last updated".
4.37.31 bug fix where code and non-code urls were being hyperlinked.  PCRE to convert hyphens to dashes has been moved to the memoblog and article submit pages.
4.36.30 turned magic-quotes-gpc off.
4.35.30 includes are now virtually all relative.  Added a set of admin leftside links for when I am logged in.  Fixed another spacing bug.  plugged the ID bug from the includes page.
4.33.28 Added a new private folder where I can store files viewable only by certain IP addresses (currently only one).
4.32.28 The dates for the news items in the news section link to viewing them individually in the archives.
4.31.28 added page specific css for the articles.  Added a skip feature to selectively disable dash program.
4.30.27 various text formatting fixes.  Category is no longer a part of the url.
4.29.24 time bug on mainpage was fixed.
4.29.23 search feature was updated to 4.2.
4.29.22 various HTML, javascript, and CSS placement fixes.
4.29.21 hyperlinking urls was fixed for memo blog.  "mad" smilie was added to HTML Tags program.  text formatting for confused smilie was fixed.  CODE tag for HTML TAGS program was upgraded.
4.28.18 deleted files now redirect.  config page had hr tags removed and submitted data is no longer displayed before redirecting.  testsrch2.php and testsrch3.php pages have been updated with cleaner code.  CSS for search page was updated.  daily quote now displayed on page load for search feature.
4.28.13 search feature was updated to version 4.0.
4.27.13 HTML Tags now include smilies.
4.26.13 search feature updated to version 3.16.
4.26.12 submitted data is no longer displayed befoer the redirect.  Cookies replace sessions.
4.25.11 many more redirects added.  memoblogs are hyperlinked now.  link to memo archives added when viewing memos individually.
4.23.10 highlighted text color is now defined via config page.
4.22.10 Added more buttons to the memo image program.  Gallery images are now sorted correctly.
4.21.9 Editor program bug fix.
4.21.7 bug fix for the new memo blog image program.
4.21.6 memo blog form can now cycle through images.
4.20.6 Editor was updated.
4.20.5 phpbb3 was updated from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6.  It was a clean install.
4.19.5 background color for the sidebars can now be set via the config page.
4.18.5 front page now uses the same footer files as the rest of the website.
4.17.5 quotes were added to HTML Tags.  HTML Tags was put into an include file.
4.16.5 news text formatting bug fix.
4.16.4 bug fix where related websites were inserted into the database as "website".
4.16.3 Search feature updated
4.16.2 Updated the database from 4.0 to 5.0.
4.15.2 screenshots for the anime reviews have been updated with higher quality images and can now be clicked for higher quality images.
4.14.2 Added border width, border color, and text color options to the config page.
4.11.2 Added textarea background color to the config page. Added config options for the code background color and border style.
4.8.2 upload screenshots now allows for up to 6 images at once to be uploaded and formatted. Updating files now incorporates a redirect script.
4.6.2 Editor version 1.1.
4.2.1 Editor has been updated to 0.5.
4.1.1 hidden files are now more protected. Upgraded editor program to 0.4.
3.78.53/4.0.0 Finished the code to create rounded corners.

3.0 series
3.77.52 Added the ability to change the background color for the memo blog and wordpress blog which are both located on the front page. The Daily Bible Quote text color will also be changed when the overall text color is changed. Font size can now be changed in the config page.
3.74.52 added color options for the text, article background, and page background. updated the admin config page and added default data for each entry. Synced the metastuff css with the front page css.
3.68.52 I updated and redesigned the metastuff in the admin page.
3.67.52 Added a preview image to the memo blog admin form. urls are now automatically hyperlinked in the memo blog.
3.65.52 updated the gallery script with the new php photo album v2.0 from dynamic drive.
3.64.52 removed the orange summary: that was listed underneath "Last Updated" text.
3.64.51 Updated the Main Content submit form to correctly render images.
3.64.50 Added Prev and Next buttons to the news, memo blog, and Newest Files archives. Made images display correctly in the submit page for the memo blog. Removed the delete button from the edit forms when the document is being created and no file exists yet in the database.
3.63.48 Updated the anime review submit page so that images are rendered and quotes are displayed correctly.
3.63.47 Updated the text formatting program to render smilies. The upload image programs were updated to display the correct name of the image file.
3.62.46 Titles to anime reviews, manga reviews, characters, and various other articles now have a default title of "no title yet".
3.62.45 Updated the code for the "Newest Files" so as to make more sense.
3.62.44 The code of the news page was updated to use str_replace instead of preg_replace where I could. Spaces that are 2 or more in length are now displayed.
3.62.43 Added the images to the latest files archive.
3.61.43 Created an image generator for memo blogs.
3.60.43 Updated the search program to version 3.14.
3.59.43 incorrect number of results for news archives was fixed. Pagination error for the news page was fixed. Started adding preview content for the archives pages.
3.57.41 Titles can now contain characters like <.
3.57.40 Fixed a bug where it was always Wednesday in the memo blog.
3.57.39 added copyright to the configuration page.
3.55.39 added a snippet of summary to the 'memo' archives and the 'newest files' archives.
3.54.39 Minor update to banner image.
3.53.39 The number of results in the archives can now be set via the config page.
3.52.38 Upload screenshots can now handle more image types.
3.52.37 Search version 3.13.
3.51.37 Search version 3.12.
3.49.37 Search version 3.11.
3.49.36 Search version 3.10.
3.49.35 Updated search feature to 3.9.
3.49.34 Consolidated many database tables.
3.48.34 Fixed a delete button with news articles. Also added javascript to the news editing page.
3.47.33 Fixed a bug in the quote program with the end w/box file.
3.47.32 Fixed the delete button for the memo blog.
3.47.31 News page database was rewritten, "edit" and "add entry" buttons were added.
3.46.31 Created a thumbnail generator.
3.44.31 Bible Quote fix with the time.
3.44.30 Bible Quote fix: ID# was off when sorted by ID#.
3.44.29 updated/fixed the old default code for the main page that is used for creating new entries on the main page. Also fixed the login data on a few pages that had been missed. The code for the editing Site Map was fixed.
3.44.26 Added archives links in the News I'm Watching section.
3.43.26 added date and time to the news archives. fixed a bug where the time was correct, but always A.M.
3.42.25 Added an option for the daily bible quote so that the admin (me) can choose to cycle through the quotes based on ID# or location.
3.41.25 added a thumbnail creator.
3.40.25 There is now a section for private files that is viewable only by logging in.
3.39.25 The password can now be altered in the admin page.
3.38.25 updated the picture upload program to rename files to lowercase.
3.37.25 fixed an annoying compatibility issue with extra lines showing up when adding anime or manga reviews.
3.37.24 added the ability to change the memo and wordpress image via the control panel.
3.36.24 Added 'edit' options on the main page for each of the memo entries on the main page, an edit button for the site version and another for the links, but only for the main page so as to avoid clutter. Added options at the top of the main page for creating new entries and did the same for the memo section.
3.31.24 search feature to version 3.8.
3.31.23 The number of memo results can now be altered from the admin page
3.30.23 added an option in the control panel for selecting the number of "newest files" to be displayed on the main page.
3.29.23 Finished the massive update so that the database connections are all in one file.
3.28.23 updated the daily quote program to remove many useless lines of data and added the option to reset the daily quote program to any day.
3.27.23 updated the time to display the current website time.
3.26.23 added edit buttons to the mainpage.
3.25.23 fixed the daily quote program so that when a quote is deleted and the previous ID# was max then the new value will still be the max ID# as opposed to #1.
3.25.22 Updated the daily quote program so that the ID# is not altered to a seemingly random number when a quote is added or deleted from the database.
3.25.21 Updated the core php from 4.x to 5.x.
3.24.21 Updated the textarea to make it fluid.
3.23.21 The drop down menu page now works again.
3.23.20 fixed the ie bug where there was a space underneath the banner in some resolutions.
3.23.19 added an editor program to the admin page in a new category called 'Tools'.
3.22.19 The scripts that make up the main page was greatly simplified.
3.21.19 I replaced some preg_replace lines with str_replace().
3.21.18 The site is now valid in on every page that I can find and think of.
3.20.18 Fixed the missing edit button for the Bible Quotes.
3.20.17 The Site Navigation is now incorporated into the admin page making updates to the links listed on the left much easier.
3.19.17 Info that is submitted to the database now looks the way it should with spaces and newlines now being displayed.
3.18.17 fixed the error in the Code sections where spaces were being condensed.
3.18.16 added a link to the memoblog and main content archives.
3.17.16 Fixed a bug with the daily quote where the edit function was not working.
3.17.15 Fixed a bug with the memoblog where the time would display am instead of pm if it was between noon and 1pm. Fixed a bug with the daily quote not displaying on the anime or manga files.
3.17.13 quote form has been updated to allow for default values in the form fields. Quote also had some bug fixes and a code rewrite.
3.16.11 Search version 3.7.
3.15.11 Search feature updated to version 3.6.
3.14.11 Search feature updated to version 3.5.
3.13.11 Search feature updated to version 3.4.
3.12.11 search has been updated to 3.3.
3.11.11 updated the memoblog archives to display the date next to the ID#.
3.11.10 fixed a bug in the daily quote script.
3.11.9 Search feature 3.1
3.10.9 mainpage ie bugfix.
3.10.8 Added forms for the "marriage" and "energy" sections.
3.9.8 CSS updates for the mainpage.
3.9.6 Added default data for the image fields as well as the main content form. Also added a delete button for the main content form.
3.7.6 finished converting the site to CSS and removed all the tables and modified the include files so as to be able to manipulate the layout, cosmetics, design of the site by easily altering one small file.
3.6.6 I added a master time section so that I can update the time once and easily and the change will be sitewide.
3.5.6 I gave all of the input areas for the editor a background color to make it easier on the eyes.
3.4.6 rewrote the status box on the main page from html table to CSS.
3.2.6 brought back the site version to the main page and aligned it to the left of the page.
3.0.0 Replcaed the HTML on the site with CSS.  This was a major rewrite.  

0.0, 1.0, and 2.0
Before version 3.0 I did not keep track of version numbers and had not yet decided on exactly how to best keep track of site updates or progress.  Most of the updates were listed as 0.x.x if they were kept track of at all.  The updates that were listed have been lost and as I recall were not consistent.  I do remember that I started the naming with version 3.0.0 because the site had just undergone its third revision.  The first version was all in HTML.  The second version involved the use of PHP and MySQL, which was a major undertaking for me and involved approximately one month of 8 hours a day researching PHP and MySQL and how they interact.  The Third version was when I stopped using HTML and decided to convert the site entirely to CSS from HTML.

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