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Texas Border Wall as of January 2023

Texas is at the forefront for border security.  What has been built and what will soon be built and where.

In short, progress is being made to secure the Texas border and is accelerating.  

Texas Border Wall

01/04/23: Texas Facilities Commission awards Fisher Sand and Gravel Company a $224 Million contract to build 9.4 miles of 30 foot border wall along the Rio Grande in Webb County in the Laredo Sector ref.  Property access has been granted for 5.4 miles of the 9.4 miles ref.  

Colorado Court of Appeals Rules Against Jack Phillips

01/26/23: Colorado Court of Appeals rules Jack Phillips discriminated against Autumn Scardina. ref  This decision was made by Justices Dunn, Schutz, and Grove.  ADF says they will appeal.  

Texas Border Wall 2021 – 2023

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces border wall construction will resume next month and for all of next year!  This will be of the same design as Trump's border wall.  It is not clear yet how many miles are planned or where construction will take place.  This is in addition to the national guard that was deployed to protect the state.  The worst illegal immigration is in Texas, especially the Rio Grand area. (See Q.18 in U.S. Border Wall FAQ)

Will update as information presents itself.  

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3/14/23 2:00am Tuesday
An unusual historical person known as history's greatest glutton Tarrare.  There is also a play based on his life that can be seen here.

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3/12/23 7:31pm Sunday
I'm slowly working on the Dinesh D'Souza podcast catalog of episodes.  Time is an issue and the endeavor is a bit intimidating.  What I want and kind of need to do is find a way to organize it further into listing his book reviews, parallel culture references, notable comments, etc.  Should they be in a separate article?  That's really the best idea I have at the moment.

The current overall format is still adequate and lends itself to be added to a database if needed.  The supplementary article should list book reviews, the establishment of a parallel society, and evolution and survival of conservatives.

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3/4/23 7:46pm Saturday
An article I want to read later having to do with sleep. Epoch Times: What High Quality Sleep Looks Like and How to Get It: Part III

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memo blog

Work in progress

5/12/20 11:48am Saturday
Audio book: Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court by Mollie Hemingway; editor at the Federalist and Carrie Severino, Judicial Crisis Network and previously a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Summary: Of all of the vicious and horrible things that have happened to the president and various other people of the Trump administration, this is easily one of the worst.  Sadly, there are a few other things going on that are arguably worse.  Even worse is that there may well be worse things to come.

This is the inside story of how an innocent man was framed and vilified in the media, at home, and in his confirmation hearing, which most view as an interrogation and sentencing trial for a terrorist.  He was accused of sexual misconduct/ rape by upwards of a dozen women.

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