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Dinesh D'Souza podcast
written by: admin

Date Written: 3/29/21 Last Updated: 3/17/24


What: The Dinesh D'Souza Show (youtube, SalemNow, Rumble, dineshdsouza.com/podcasts) is a thought provoking 50 minute weekday show that covers topics on the cutting edge of what it means to be a Christian Conservative.  He wades through important books, articles, media, and cuts through all of the fake news to tell us what is really happening in the world and what news is being suppressed.

Why? To more thoroughly document and locate his podcast.

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  • Cancel Culture

Format: Episode number and title.  Special episodes have a subtitle.  Topics are listed in chronological order.  Attempts are made to add reference links to articles, books, and events.  Links will not be extensive.

  • News covers a recent event.  Dinesh wades through the lies of the media to uncover the truth.
  • Commentary is primarily insights on a general topic or even a semi-current event.

Dinesh can be followed on social media: Truth, Gettr, X, Locals

Friday Roundup

Article: Intersectionality Is American Maoism by JAMES LINDSAY Marxism Maoism Wokeism
Debbie: Debbie's Dream and the nature of dreams
Commentary: It is comical that the media says there is no evidence against Biden
Commentary: Mitt Romney's silly reason why he is not running for re-election.  Romney's party is the party of surrender
News: The case to impeach Texas AG Ken Paxton is very weak
Commentary: Suzanne Gibson livestreams porn and is running for Virginia House against a Republican
Book Review: Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Commentary: The Left uses the Law as a weapon to attack the Right
News: Refuting the idea that Trump is already disqualified from running for President ref
Guest: Jonathan Isaac Christian testimony and advocate of supporting Christian businesses
Article: The History of Gender John Money, Alfred Kinsey, Judith Butler, and Michel Foucault

Friday Roundup

Commentary: (several segments about 20 minutes) Florida history standards are accurate in describing slavery, however the Left attacks it for revealing too much.  Dinesh argues the Democratic party is not exposed in the Florida history standards as the supporters and authors of slavery and the KKK in the U.S.
News: Hunter plea deal that fell apart
Review: Barbie movie review.  Infused with woke ideology.
News: UFO's in House oversight committee
Personal life: What it is like to be grandparents

The Relevance and Application of Conservatism

Intro: Many claim to be Conservative, but what is it really and how is it applied? 2:44
Segment 1: Who is the inventor of Conservatism? Answer: Edmund Burke. Thorough definition of Conservatism explored 10:46
Segment 2: Modern Conservative philosophers 18:50
Segment 3: Conservativism under Reagan.  Factions of Conservatism: Libertarianism and Neo-Conservatism.  25:46
Segment 4: Conservatism under both Bush's is watered down 32:28
Segment 5: Application of Conservatism in a Radical environment like we are in today? Enter Trump, MAGA Republicans, and the Parallel economy and Parallel Society 39:06
Segment 6: What does Conservatism mean today? Answer: We need to rebuild a conservative society and how to do it.  The current challenges facing Conservatism 46:02

Friday Roundup

News: Update on whistleblower against the Biden crime family
News: Marjorie Taylor Greene files articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, Alejandro Mayorkas, Christopher Wray, and Matthew Graves
News: Why Venezuelans coming over border is bad
News: Orange County, New York story that vets are being evicted in favor of illegals may be false
News: Son of South Carolina State Rep. Brandon Guffey son's commits suicide after being sextortion ref
News: Joe Biden gets an honorary degree from Howard University for "analytical intellect" and "popularity on both sides"
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza.  The philosophy of Materialism does not extend to man

Guest: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: covers many of the frontlines that he is defending his state against liberals
News: Update on the Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake election lawsuits in Arizona
News: Is Daniel Penny a Good Samaritan or a subway killer?
News: Prince Harry and Meghan's and the "near fatal" accident
Guest: Ashley Lucas PHD Weight Loss & Nutrition
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza.  Man is more than matter

Commentary: Durham Report review: Hillary Clinton, media, and FBI colluded to take down Trump
Commentary: Democrats have been running a non-stop campaign of election interference
Guest: Trish Regan: Analysis of current events
News: Starbucks is pushing transgender ideology into India.  Why India was targeted
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza.  What is the soul?

News: Durham report is out
Guest: Simona Papadopoulos
Commentary: Anti-capitalist closes café (video) based on Marxism after 1 year, but doesn't realize Marxism does not work
Guest:  Sara Carter Various topics.  Book: Joining the Amazing Club Awesome Sauce
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza.  Morality does not change

News: Chaos at the southern border as Dems fight to open the border and Republicans fight to defend the border.
News: Elon Musk hires a liberal for CEO of twitter, but this is not necessarily a bad thing
Guest: Amy Sterner Nelson Amazon colluded with DOJ to attack her husband
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza.  Morality contradicts evolutionary theory for morality

Friday Roundup

News: Kari Lake election lawsuit update/developments
News: House oversight committee on foreign payments to entire Biden family for political influence.  Actual treason.
News: Title 42 ends.  Only Biden and cartels benefit
News: Crazy Jordan Neely dies, Daniel Penny charged with murder
News: Mass shooters are portrayed by the media as white supremacists.  We need more people with guns and to address the cause/motive of mass shootings.
Personal recap: Recent updates on life
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza.  Where does morality come from?

Commentary: Newest ad against DeSantis by Trump
News: DeSantis behaving presidential and on DeSantis being sued by Disney.
News: Whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas exposes Biden involvement in sex trade industry at the border
News: What caused Don Lemon to get fired: Vivek Ramaswamy
News: Campus Interview question: What is Conservatism?
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza.  The supposed crimes of religion

Friday roundup

News: IRS Whistleblower says Merrick Garland along with the Biden Regime has been lying and obstructing investigations into Biden family.
News: Case of 84 year old Andrew Lester shoots black man at his door.
Commentary: Musk in interview with Tucker Carlson reveals that there was surveillance of DMs on twitter, AI can be used in scary ways by liberals to control people: AI can lie.
News: Prominent Democrats are trying to get Diane Feinstein (89) to resign.
News: Teacher fired for violating no zero policy.
News: Josiah arrested for applying to be a hitman.  Entrapment?
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza.  Is belief in Christianity good?

News: Putin's speech speaks truth about the evils currently going on in the U.S.
News: Is the Russia/Ukraine war Russia's Vietnam, or ours?
Commentary: News organizations and social media are exercising bad (infantile) logic
News: Roald Dahl's books are being rewritten to be more woke.  It is censorship and defiling of literature.
Guest: Jennifer Sey Top Executive at Levi's who was cancelled for beliefs.
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza.  What are the limits of the theory of evolution?

Commentary: Marjorie Taylor Greene has proposed a national divorce.  Is secession ever legally permitted? Yes.
News: Jan 6 videos are slowly becoming public and the Left is freaking out.
Guest: Michael Malice on book The White Pill: A tale of good and evil and discusses what true oppression is in former Soviet Union and how it rises and undercurrents here in the U.S.
Commentary: Northern India state cracks down on child marriage and BBC defends the practice in an effort to stop so-called Islamophobia.
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza. Three features of life for which Darwinian evolution provides no explanation

News: Twitter censorship people questioned at U.S. House
News: Review of reaction to Biden's SOTU address
News: Discussion of Julie Kelly's article about missing Jan 6 files
News: Biden labor dept. to invest pension pension funds into climate change issues
News: Rumor that Project Veritas leader James O'Keefe to be removed
Commentary: Tension between Hungary and the rest of Europe
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza

News: In Brazil Bolsinaro supporters occupy multiple government buildings protesting Lula da Silva's as the new president.  Are there parallels to Jan 6?
Guest: Frank Gaffney on Ray Epps, why and how Marxism is making a resurgence around the world, dangers of China, Biden's ties to China
News: Classified documents found at Joe Biden's think tank before midterms
Book Review: What's So Great About Christianity?

News: Hillary posts video warning against Right wing extremists plans to steal the 2024 election
News: Dinesh forecasts 2022 midterm elections.  Discussion of playbook against Herschel Walker
News: New York Supreme Court rules that New York city must rehire all employees who were fired for vaccination status and given back pay
Commentary: Biden should be impeached for call with Saudis to reduce oil prices prior to Nov. elections.
History: Dem efforts to use mail in ballots to steal the 1864 election
Book Review: The Iliad by Homer: Odysseus dressed as a beggar

Friday Roundup

News: "My body my choice" slogan appropriated by the Right.
News: After the 6/21/22 Supreme Court ruling in favor of public funding for Christian schools demand there has been an increasing exodus to Christian schools
News: Greg Abbott orders national guard to deport illegal aliens
News: Hispanic candidate Mayra Flores is attacked in NYT article
News: The Left has unequal treatment of mass killings depending on if guns are used
News: The Left will ferociously attack anyone famous if they become Republican and denounce the Left.  There is a cost and freedom to becoming a conservative
Book Review: The Iliad by Homer

News: Biden admin suing Arizona to prevent requirement of proof of citizenship to vote
News: Pro-Lifers presented as extremists.  Here is where public opinion stands on abortion after Roe v. Wade overturned.  Democrats are the real extremists.
News: New report from Julie Kelly on Jan 6 trials.  see www.j6truth.org
Guest: Brandon Gill on Wall Street investing in Woke as opposed to fiscally responsible ventures.  Second topic, Biden admin's puzzling efforts to destroy domestic energy as evil yet buying it abroad at much higher prices.
Book Review: The Iliad by Homer: why the Greeks of the Homeric era were so willing to risk their lives in war

News: What is Putin's end game in Ukraine?
News: The left is going scorched earth on lawyers for defending Trump/Republicans
Guest: GOP candidate Mayra Flores joins Dinesh and Debbie on flipping the Rio Grande Valley red.  Hispanics are learning that the Democratic party does not stand for Hispanic values (Conservative) like Republicans do.  Border
Commentary: Article, alt describes a feature of large segments of the Democrat party which is the Dark Triad: Narcissism, Psychopath, Machiavellianism (Maliciously Manipulative).
Book Review: Dante's Purgatory Canto 9 and 10: Dante through the Purgatorial Gate.

News: Ukraine
News: Virginia's Thomas Jefferson School (Merit wins over race)
News: Jan 6 defendant commits suicide
Guest: Dennis Prager
Commentary: Parallel society 8/11/21: Father Irenaeus Williams: The Parallel Society
Book Review: Dante's Inferno: Canto 5

Advertisement: Dinesh's new store
News: Putin is emboldened by a Biden presidency
News: Investigation into Trump finances
News: Canadian style Tyranny is already here and is modelled after Biden regime
News: Biden administration has made an open invitation to illegal immigration.  Hispanic turnout for GOP is increasing
News: Left goes after Justice Clarence Thomas wife
Commentary: New liberal discourse Household Tyrants.  compare with Is There a Tyrant in the House?
Book Review: Dante's Inferno: Dante meets Virgil

News: What is Putin's plans as he approaches Ukraine?
News: Greg Newbold 'Critical Military Theory' on how Woke leadership can't fight in a war
News: Revelations are emerging on the full magnitude of the Afghanistan debacle
Guest: Papa John's John Schnatter on entrepreneurship, cancel culture, inflation, and U.S. national debt
News: BLM is a racket: where the money went
Book Review: Dante's Inferno: Story setting plus opening

Guest: Devin Nunes: Truth Social CEO: How the Twitter alternative has been made to be uncancellable by Big Tech and Cancel Culture
News: How the Supreme Court could rule on Roe v. Wade
News: Liz Cheney's plan to win re-election by courting Democrat voters
News: Kim Potter accidentally shoots Daunte Wright and gets unduly harsh sentence because victim is black
News: The Left's continued efforts to Cancel Joe Rogan
Book Review: Dante's Inferno: Dante in political exile

Commentary: Why Dinesh is optimistic about the 2022 midterms
News: Why Critical Race Theory is flawed
News: Three of the most left wing members of San Francisco school board were recalled by huge margins
Guest: Political scientist Charles Kesler.  Book Crisis of the two constitutions
Commentary: Why China was blacklisted by Hollywood: China
Book Review: Dante's Inferno: Dante the person vs. Dante the character

News: Truth Social: How it has protected itself from cancel culture
News: The media on the left is targeting those who support Trucker's strike.  Ilhan Omar comes to the rescue
News: Project Veritas exposes FDA exec. ref  Big pharma pays to have vaccines approved instead of via safety of the vaccine.  Like paying for a degree instead of passing an exam.
Guest: Dwight Chapin, Book: The President's Man On Richard Nixon
Commentary: Why NASA has done poorly over the last 50 years.
Book Review: Dante's Inferno: How to read it

News: Historic inflation currently in effect
News: Mark Cuban's plan to reduce ridiculous drug prices
News: Voters in San Francisco recall 3 school board members
Guest: Michael Reagan
News: Neil Young is back on Spotify.  Spotify refused to cancel podcaster Joe Rogan
Book Review: Dante's Inferno: 1 Intro to reading

News: Truckers in U.S. and Canada protest government using Covid to control their lives.  Contrast with Marxism
News: Why does the left hate podcaster Joe Rogan? Cancel culture
News: RNC votes to censure Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for joining Dem efforts to unjustly persecute Republicans
Guest: Author Peter Schweizer on China's deep ties to the Bidens.  Book: Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win
News: Understanding recent feud between Trump and Pence
Commentary: Why do we work? Answer: Leisure Book: Josef Leisure the Basis of Culture

Commentary: Martin Luthor King's flaws and virtues
Recap with Debbie: How Venezuela became a hell hole.  Parallels with U.S.  Terrorist attack on synagogue.  
News: Glenn Youngkin keeps his promises.
News: Mike Lindell: Minnesota Bank and Trust moves to cancel Mike's bank accounts.  The efforts to cancel Mike Lindell.
Commentary: Pervasiveness of censorship.  Biden organization collaborates with social media to censor.
Guest: Aarti Tikoo who sued Twitter and won.
Russian Literature: Relationship between Russian literature and Russian power

News: Biden's push of a nearly 2 Trillion infrastructure bill to REDUCE inflation?!
News: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
News: FBI raids Project Veritas and James O'Keefe over diary of Ashley Biden's diary
Guest: Stacy Langton - Movement against indoctrination in schools
News: Russia Collusion hoax - does the Deep State also involve Obama? Durham investigation
Debbie and Dinesh: Attempted recall of San Francisco's socialist district attorney Chesa Boudin

News: Yet another fear mongering report that the climate is changing.  It is a racket
News: Democrats in Texas sue gov. Abbott context
News: Obama has a super spreader birthday party.  Nobody wore a mask, etc.
Guest: Former Florida GOP chair Blaise Ingoglia discusses Conservative Florida governing model
Commentary: What defines American Conservativism?
Greek Tragedy: Play: Libation Bearers

News: Dinesh discusses Princeton historian Matthew Karp who attacks Dinesh.  Nice, brief discussion of Dem vs Rep history.
News: UNC being intimidated into Nicole Hannah Jones being given tenured position.  Discussion of slavery in U.S.
Guest: Former Texas supreme court justice Eva Guzman, who's running for Texas Attorney General
News: The art of using racial hoax's (Jussie Smollett) to perpetuate a false narrative, how it relates to what FBI does
News: Rudy Giuliani has his law license temporarily revoked exposing ruthlessness of left
Philosophy: Stoicism

News: Joe Biden debates Putin and loses badly
Guest: Dr. Darren J. Beattie, Founder of Revolver News: Was Jan 6 an Inside Job by the FBI?  Gretchen Whitmer parallel  
News: Jack Phillips fined for not baking a cake
News: Anthony Fauci changes tune on origins of Covid 19.  People were silenced for "misinformation" The health industry has been thoroughly corrupted.
News: A striking feature of the Modern Left is its deep hatred of Conservative Christianity.  Why? RC Sproul: The Holiness of God

News: Double standards that the Left has.  Several examples.  Underneath there is really a single standard
Commentary: How to respond to the Left breaking the rules.  If they break the rules then so should we.  Trump Card clip.  Good should no be a wiling accomplice of evil
Commentary: John Addam's clip showing that Trump not showing up to inauguration is not unprecedented
Guest: James O'Keefe from Project Veritas - Jack Dorsey recorded mobilizing staff against Trump and conservatives on Twitter
Commentary: The Left fears ridicule and exposure.  Kamala Harris lie exposed and is the descendant of a slave owner
Commentary: Martin Luther King became more Left, but is not popular with the Left for believing all lives matter.  The Left is all about division

News: Almost overnight the second impeachment becomes pathetic
Commentary: Parallels of Jan 6 with Nazi Germany's Reichstag as a way to declare Republicans as enemies of the state
Commentary: What is Political Correctness?  The Left most fears ridicule
Commentary: Why conservative immigrants come to America and become liberal on campus
Commentary: Jack Dorsey of Twitter and his involvement with Cancel Culture
Commentary: Conservatives need to compete against Hollywood (Parallel Society) Infidel trailer
Commentary: The Left abuses language as in 1984

News: House Impeaches Trump for a 2nd time.  Why?  Only because they could
Commentary: definition of Whataboutism
Commentary: How should Trump handle all of this persecution?
Guest: Danielle D'Souza. Who is MAGA?
Introspective: Recap of experience of first four episodes

Commentary: We should watch the Impeachment 2.0 and laugh at the Democrats absurdity.  Why do some in the GOP want to impeach Trump?  Dems want to stop/eradicate the MAGA movement.  Dems want to return to the One Party State where they were in control.

Commentary: What is the Left's endgame? To end America's exceptionalism.  Democrats believe America is exceptionally evil.  What Republicans see as good Democrats see as evil.
Commentary: The reason for impeaching Trump is to put a stake into the heart of Trumpism.
Commentary: Never-Trumpers join Democrats in condemning Trump.  They are only playing to an audience.
Commentary: Democrats revel in the unjust killing of Ashli Babbitt
Commentary: First successful coordinated attack against successful Parler, rival of Twitter, by Amazon, Google, and Apple on purely ideological reasons.  
Commentary: Are we living in 1984?  The Left wants to destroy the will of Trumpism and feel they are now in a position to do so.
Advertisement/Review Meeting Mike Lindell and MyPillow

About: Intro to what the show is; an alternative to Deep State mass media. about 15min
News: Trump Impeachment #2 Why? To make sure Trump cannot run for President again.  Trump, for the Left is the most frightening figure ever. Impeachment, by the Numbers by Andrew McCarthy
Commentary: What really happened on Jan 6. The psychology of old school Republicans vs new MAGA Republicans, how do they merge going forward?
Guest: Adie Schlenker on going to DC Jan 6 to protest the stolen election.
News: Digital censorship of conservatives on a MASSIVE scale.  The Trial By: Franz Kafka
Commentary: Debbie and Dinesh discuss the parallels between voter fraud in Venezuela and the 2020 election.  Deleted scene from Trump Card.  Example of Democrat censorship on Parler (alternative to Twitter) deplatformed by Amazon (hosting), Apple (distributes the Parler app), and Google (suspends app on Google Play).  Free Speech prevents violence.
Adverisement/Review Debbie reviews her MyPillow pillow

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