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Supreme Court asks Washington Supreme Court to rehear case against Barronelle Stutzman

6/25/18 Today, 6/25/18, the Supreme Court asked the Washington Supreme Court to rehear case against Barronelle Stutzman in light of the the recent ruling for Jack Phillips. ref, pdf

See: hot cases 3

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Marriage News
Supreme Court asks Washington Supreme Court to rehear case against Barronelle Stutzman
6/25/18 Today, 6/25/18, the Supreme Court asked the Washington Supreme Court to rehear case against Barronelle Stutzman in light of the the recent ruling for Jack Phillips. ref, pdf

See: hot cases 3

Jack Phillips wins case
6/4/18 Today, 6/4/18, the U.S. Supreme Court narrowly ruled 7-2 that the decision against Jack Phillips violated his free exercise rights. pdf, ref

COLORADO: Phillip's Masterpiece Cakeshop Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

  • 12/06/13: Colorado Administrative Law Court judge (ALJ) Robert N. Spencer rules that Masterpiece Cakeshop discriminated against a homosexual couple by not making a cake for them because they were homosexual.  Jack Phillips is ordered to make the cakes . . . [more]

    Kim Davis case reinstated
    4/10/18 Timeline:

  • 06/26/15: Gov. Beshear issued a directive ordering all Kentucky county clerks to personally authorize SSM licenses
    (the "SSM Mandate"). ref
  • 06/26/15: County clerk Kim Davis announces that the Rowan County Clerk's Office would no longer issue marriage licenses to any couples. ref
  • 08/17/15: District court judge David L. Bunning orders Kim Davis to issue marriage licenses, but stays his order pending appeal. ref, ref2
  • 08/26/15: Kim Davis ordered by the 6th circuit t . . . [more]

    Oral arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission heard before the U.S. Supreme Court
    12/6/17 On 12/05/17 the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  A decision is expected by June 2018.


    Case No. 16-111.
    Case Name: Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission
    At stake: whether Christians must give up their religious beliefs when entering the work place.


    Kristen K. Waggoner, Scottsdale, Arizona; on behalf of the Petitioners
    General. Noel J. Francisco, Solicitor General, Department . . . [more]

    U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear Jack Phillips case
    6/27/17 On Monday, 6/26/17, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the case against Jack Phillip's of Masterpiece Cakeshop for refusing to make a cake to honor a same sex wedding.  ref, ref2, ref3, ref4

    See also: hot cases 3

  • Social Issues
    High School class teaches how to view porn responsibly - update
    5/19/18 So apparently there is a class for High School students in Boston where they can learn to view porn the right way The Truth About Pornography: A Pornography-Literacy Curriculum for High School Students Designed to Reduce Sexual and Dating Violence.

    In related news, on Friday, 2/16/18, a judge in Ohio permanently removed the parental rights of the parents of a 17 year old daughter because they wouldn't support her desire to take hormone treatments to become a man. ref

    Yep, this is the . . . [more]

    National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra
    3/31/18 The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday, 3/20/18, on whether pro-life centers may be forced to promote abortion.  Many cases regarding abortion make it to the U.S. Supreme Court each year in one way or another and it can be argued that abortion supporters typically win.  This case makes it look like pro-life centers will win.  Time will tell.

    Regardless, the arguments as well as the upcoming ruling should prove interesting.  Ideally, the ruling won't be as disappointing as Ober . . . [more]

    Abortion clinics continue to close 2017 Update
    12/17/17 AbortionistsAbortion pill clinicsSurgical abortion clinicsDocumentsDate

    Abortion clinics in 1991: 2,176.

    This year (as of august 2013) 42 clinics closed and 24 were closed in 2012.  Part of the reason for the high number of closings that year was due to North Carolina signing a new law that requires abortion facilities to meet the same standards as an outpatient surgery center . . . [more]

    Net Neutrality: an interview with Ajit Pai
    11/28/17 On November 21, 2017 The Daily Signal had a 12:22 min video interview with Ajit Pai who answered questions from viewers regarding the impact of repealing Net Neutrality.  This is the only video interview with Ajit Pai regarding Net Neutrality that I am aware of.

    Some of the questions include the following:

    "How will this impact competitiveness?"
    "How will this affect innovation?"
    "Will this encourage more competitiveness between ISPs?"
    "Will reversing Net Neutrality benefit only big bus . . . [more]

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