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06/20/22: Texas Facilities Commission announces that the the 1.7 mile border wall in Starr County is largely complete, but the final gates, lighting, and road work is still being completed. ref

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Marriage News

Recent developments in three same sex marriage cases
2/5/22 OREGON: Sweet Cakes by Melissa

  • 01/26/22: The Oregon Court of Appeals admits states that Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) acted with bias against the bakers' religion, however they sent the case back to BOLI to render further judgement against the Kleins.  The Kleins plan to appeal the decision to the Oregon Supreme Court next. ref

    This is bad news for the Kleins and upsetting to hear.  The persecution against the Kleins for their Christian faith for the past 9 years needs . . . [more]

    Colorado District Court rules against Jack Phillips
    6/15/21: Colorado District Court rules that Jack Phillips violated Colorado's Anti Discrimination Act when he declined to make a custom cake that celebrated a gender transition. ref

    ADF has said they will appeal the decision. ref  ADF says the Barronelle Stutzman is still pending appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court.

    see also: Hot cases to watch part 3

    Jack Phillips in court again for refusing to create cake celebrating gender transition
  • 03/04/21: Colorado District Court dismisses plaintiff's deceptive trade practice that claim that Jack Phillips advertised he would sell cakes to LGBT individuals with no intent to sell to said individuals.  The court left intact the claim that Autumn Scardina was denied a cake due to his protected status. pdf
  • 03/22/21: Colorado District Court hears virtual oral arguments from Jack Phillips and family on whether his business discriminated against Autumn Scardina on the basis of his sexua . . . [more]

    Oral arguments heard in Colorado District Court in third Jack Phillips case
    4/15/20 On Thursday, 04/09/20, Colorado District Court heard oral arguments on whether to dismiss the case against Jack Phillips for declining to make a same sex themed gender transition cake for Autumn Scardina.  A ruling is expected by the end of April.  ref1, ref2

    See Hot cases to watch part 3

    Blaine Adamson wins at Kentucky Supreme Court
    10/31/19 Today, 10/31/19, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled in favor of Blaine Adamson of Hands on Originals stating that the plaintiffs lacked standing. ref, pdf

    Adam Baker, a representative of GLSO, filed the original complaint
    with the Commission on behalf of GLSO alleging Hands On had
    discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation in violation of Section 2-
    33. Baker admitted the he did not file the complaint in his individual
    capacity or on his individual behalf. Because GLSO itself was the . . . [more]

  • Social Issues

    Texas Border Wall nears completion
    06/20/22: Texas Facilities Commission announces that the the 1.7 mile border wall in Starr County is largely complete, but the final gates, lighting, and road work is still being completed. ref

    Roe V. Wade Overturned
    6/25/22 On 6/24/22 the U.S. Supreme Court released an Opinion in the Dobbs Vs. Jackson Women's Health Organization pdf (213 pages).  The Dobbs Opinion overturns the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision which declared that abortion was a Constitutional right.

    Note: This is a placeholder and will be expanded upon quite a bit as I read through the decision.  I am sure there will be books written about this decision.

    Supreme Court of Iowa Rules State Constitution Does Not Guarantee the Right to Abortion
    6/17/22 The Supreme Court of Iowa ruled today, 6/17/22, that the Iowa state constitution does NOT guarantee a woman's right to an abortion (pdf, ref [includes video of oral arguments]), thus overturning the 2018 Iowa Supreme Court 5-2 ruling (pdf, ref [includes video of oral arguments]) that found there WAS a right to an abortion in the Iowa state Constitution.  ref

    2018 Opinion delivered by Chief Justice CADY
    2018 Opinion dissented by MANSFIELD and WATERMAN

    2022 Opinion delivered by MANSFIELD de . . . [more]

    Texas Border Wall Reaches 1 Mile
    2/20/22 On 2/16/22, the Texas Facilities Commission announced that it has completed just over 1 mile of the new border wall for Starr County.  When completed, the border wall will be 1.7 miles long. ref

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