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california news

8/15/19 1:53pm Another Cake Maker is Under Attack
5/30/19 1:36pm Maine bans conversion therapy for children struggling with same sex attraction
3/31/18 9:40pm National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra
6/17/14 10:03pm Marriage cases in circuit court
8/15/13 12:39am Prop.8 case dismissed by California Supreme Court
8/1/13 4:29pm Brief submitted today requesting prop.8 to be enforced
7/15/13 6:47pm California Supreme Court agrees to consider request to uphold prop.8
7/12/13 10:00pm ADF petitions California Supreme Court to uphold prop.8
7/12/13 9:42pm Hot cases to watch part 3
6/30/13 5:56pm Justice Kennedy refuses to vacate Ninth Circuit's motion
6/29/13 8:49pm Ninth circuit prematurely allows same sex marriages to resume
6/26/13 4:03pm U.S. Supreme Court rules prop.8 defenders lack standing
3/19/13 11:31am Final Prop.8 brief filed before oral arguments
2/21/13 4:39pm Challengers to prop. 8 file briefs to Supreme Court
1/23/13 2:36am ProtectMarriage.com files opening brief defending Prop.8

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