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Texas Border Wall
written by: admin

Date Written: 10/31/21 Last Updated: 2/19/24








  1. How long is the Texas/Mexico border? 1,254 ref

  2. How many miles does Texas Gov. Abbott propose to build? The entire 1,254 mile Texas/Mexico border.  ref A 10/18/23 article ( Good) has the number at 800 miles or less which sounds more realistic.

  3. What are the most heavily trafficked areas in Texas for illegal immigration? As of Feb 2023 in descending order: El Paso, Del Rio, and Tucson ref

  4. Why has so little Trump wall been built in Texas? Most land is privately owned and Texas legislature does not allow for eminent domain to be used. ref

  5. Can I donate to the Texas Border Wall? Yes, and it is tax deducible.  You can donate and see how much has been raised here.


To do


Notable people
more events to the timeline
how has public opinion of the border wall and immigration changed since 1/1/21 to today?
what is the status of the Texas border?
what significant legislative events have happened in regard to ICE, CBP, lawsuits, Supreme Court decisions, decisions by Alejandro Mayorkas, etc.

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