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homosexuality news

05/30/19 Maine bans conversion therapy for children struggling with same sex attraction
12/06/17 Oral arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission heard before the U.S. Supreme Court
02/12/15 Another peer reviewed article documents outcomes for children in same sex households
12/12/13 India upholds sodomy laws
12/04/13 Russia's gay propaganda law upheld in court the day after the first fines were issued
08/20/13 The coming normalization of pedophilia?
07/25/13 Eastern European countries advance bans on homosexual propaganda
10/28/12 2nd Circuit rules DOMA unconstitutional
08/29/12 Mark Regnerus study methods vindicated
05/07/12 United Methodist Church will not normalize homosexuality
04/30/12 "Angry Queers"
02/07/12 Prop.8 is ruled unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit
01/27/12 Sixth Circuit rules in favor of Julea Ward
10/19/11 The Illusory Momentum of the Homosexual Movement
08/17/11 AIDS prevalence among homosexuals in the US

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