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marriage news

03/13/24 Oregon Court of Appeals hears oral arguments in Sweet Cakes by Melissa case
10/23/22 Cathy Miller wins in California Superior Court
10/20/22 Updates in three First Amendment cases
02/05/22 Recent developments in three same sex marriage cases
06/16/21 Colorado District Court rules against Jack Phillips
03/24/21 Jack Phillips in court again for refusing to create cake celebrating gender transition
04/15/20 Oral arguments heard in Colorado District Court in third Jack Phillips case
10/31/19 Blaine Adamson wins at Kentucky Supreme Court
08/15/19 Another Cake Maker is Under Attack
06/17/19 Bakery and Florist Rulings
06/25/18 Supreme Court asks Washington Supreme Court to rehear case against Barronelle Stutzman
06/04/18 Jack Phillips wins case
04/10/18 Kim Davis case reinstated
12/06/17 Oral arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission heard before the U.S. Supreme Court
06/27/17 U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear Jack Phillips case

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