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12/6/17 Oral arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission heard before the U.S. Supreme Court
3/3/17 Oregon Court of Appeals hears Appeal by Kleins
11/15/16 Washington State Supreme Court hears Arlene's Flowers case
7/21/15 Conversation with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito
6/19/15 Texas Supreme Court rules same sex couple may divorce
2/11/14 Kellie Fiedorek before Indiana Senate Committee defending upcoming vote on marriage amendment
1/17/14 Indiana hears a defence of marriage from Ryan Anderson and Kellie Fiedorek of ADF
3/28/13 Answering a hostile crowd
3/25/13 Informal video debates on the marriage trial tomorrow
2/28/13 Excellent short video explaining the conservative position before the Supreme Court
2/5/13 Marriage Amendment to redefine marriage proposed in New Mexico
7/30/11 Maine to attempt to reintroduce homosexual marriage law
3/25/11 powerful video condemns same sex marriage advocates from a future perspective
1/14/10 Trial starts in prop.8 case before Judge Vaughn Walker

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