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indiana news

3/29/21 7:40pm Election overhauls going on in 18 states
7/20/15 12:16pm Wisconsin outlaws abortions after 20th week
3/2/15 10:58am States where same sex marriage was recently legalized
6/25/14 2:50pm Indiana law defining marriage is overturned
2/15/14 12:54pm Indiana Senate advances marriage amendment bill without second sentence
2/11/14 10:51am Kellie Fiedorek before Indiana Senate Committee defending upcoming vote on marriage amendment
1/28/14 12:01pm Indiana kills marriage amendment vote
1/17/14 10:54am Indiana hears a defence of marriage from Ryan Anderson and Kellie Fiedorek of ADF
10/28/12 5:45am 5th Circuit refuses to rehear Planned Parenthood Case
9/14/11 6:36am North Carolina Senate Passes Marriage Bill
5/5/11 1:22pm Indiana Approves Broadest School Voucher Program
3/22/11 3:23pm Hot Cases to watch part 2

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