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05/23/15 Ireland redefines marriage in popular vote
03/06/15 Country of Slovenia redefines marriage
02/12/15 Italy's highest court says no constitutional right to same sex marriage
01/24/15 UK apologizes for discrimination against Christian group
08/13/14 Slovakia adds marriage amendment
06/11/14 In Denmark all churches must perform same sex marriages
12/12/13 India upholds sodomy laws
12/04/13 Russia's gay propaganda law upheld in court the day after the first fines were issued
08/08/13 The origins of Russia's strong stance against homosexuality
07/25/13 Eastern European countries advance bans on homosexual propaganda
07/23/13 United Kingdom legalizes same sex marriage
06/28/13 Update on Domenic kidnapping case
06/21/13 In the EU resistance to same sex marriage grows
06/20/13 France discovered instigating riots against itself
04/23/13 France votes to redefine marriage

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