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The origins of Russia's strong stance against homosexuality

Posted: 8/8/13

Russia is very different from other developed nations.  For example the leading cause of death is abortion.  HIV is primarily transmitted through intravenous drug use.  Russia has for many years now a population growth rate in the negative numbers.  Russia even has an annual celebration of motherhood and recently in 2008 the city of Novorossiysk had a week where abortions were not performed ref.  It is a very unusual country that is very different culturally from the U.S. and yet very similar as well.

Recently, Russia has been in the news as a country with rather strong laws that go directly against the homosexual agenda, which over here has turned into strong bullying and is very quickly turning into totalitarianism if we are not there already.  In Russia homosexuals are not allowed to adopt and gay propaganda is outlawed with foreigners found guilty of promoting homosexuality being detained for 14 days and then expelled from the country.  There are no pride parades there as they have been outlawed too.

Where did this push for pro–family, which is what they are meant to be, legislation come from?  I do not believe it is from a resurgence of Christianity in the country as I have not seen much evidence of that over the years.  It appears to be from a recognition that the country has long been suffering from a seriously low population growth rate as well as the cause, which is due to several factors, but is obviously the result of individuals celebrating their own pleasures sexual and otherwise rather than limiting the sexual ones to the confines of a committed loving marriage.  

Russia has done other things in its hard work to promote the family and the fruit is a population growth rate that has risen from 1.17 in 1999 to 1.7 today (2013).  2.1 is the minimum population growth needed for a society to maintain population stability. ref  It will be interesting to see how far Russia goes with its legislation to deter the homosexual agenda.

I have no conclusion except to say that as I grow older I find it interesting to see the directions that various countries take in regards to morals and the growth or decline of a nation.  Right now I am seeing encouraging signs from China and Russia and very discouraging signs from Japan and several other developed nations.  In the U.S the signs are very mixed.  There are some strongly positive signs like a decrease in the celebration of abortion and dramatic increases in charter schools and homeschooling and some strongly negative signs like the promotion of sexual perversions and the condemnation of the promotion of the traditional family to the point where people face prison or large fines if they refuse to support homosexuality.

Last Updated: 6/18/15

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