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washington news

8/1/19 States that offer assisted suicide
6/17/19 Bakery and Florist Rulings
5/30/19 Maine bans conversion therapy for children struggling with same sex attraction
6/25/18 Supreme Court asks Washington Supreme Court to rehear case against Barronelle Stutzman
2/17/17 Washington state Supreme Court rules against Barronelle Stutzman
11/15/16 Washington State Supreme Court hears Arlene's Flowers case
7/12/13 Hot cases to watch part 3
11/7/12 2012 election results
6/13/12 Useful mp3 on current ADF marriage cases
6/6/12 Signatures to block same sex marriage law turned in today
2/13/12 Washington state redefines marriage
10/24/11 Referendum 71 release of names on hold
2/17/10 U.S. Supreme Court will hear Referendum 71 case
8/3/09 Hot Cases to watch part 1

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