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9/22/14 11:02pm Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds Act 10
10/23/13 4:47pm Wisconsin Supreme Court hears Appling v. Doyle
8/15/13 1:01am Wisconsin Family Action files initial brief to WI Supreme Court
3/5/13 9:54am ADF formally petitions Wisconsin Supreme Court in Appling v. Doyle
12/21/12 1:40pm Appling V. Doyle update
9/19/12 4:29am Appling V. Doyle update
6/20/11 6:26pm Appling V. Doyle update
5/17/11 11:03am Scott Walker Petitions to not defend Domestic Partnership Law
10/5/10 5:39pm Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio create laws that violate their marriage amendments

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